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Samson, AmSteel-Blue Rope

Mfr. Samson

Samson, AmSteel-Blue Rope

Samson, AmSteel-Blue Rope, 100% AmSteel-Blue SK-75 Dyneema HMPE fiber Rope. 12-Strand Single Braid. Exclusive Samthane (Samson Rope) Coating resists wear. 40% to 45% stronger than Spectron 12 and AmSteel.

  • Stronger than wire rope constructions yet it floats
  • Lowest stretch 12 strand (7/64" sizes are 8 strand)

NOTE - AmSteel-Blue is available in several colors! Please choose color from item descriptions.

$108.58 - $2,083.88

Additional Description
AmSteel-Blue is a torque-free 12-strand single braid that yields the maximum in strength-to-weight ratio and, size-for-size, is the same strength as steel—but it's so light, it floats. AmSteel-Blue is an excellent wire rope replacement with extremely low stretch, and superior flex fatigue and wear resistance.
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Review and FAQ Center

Amsteel blue

Can I us the amsteel blue 1/4"for rappelling?

Can I use an overhand knot to tie it to a10mm dynamic climbing rope for rappelling? What is the weight?

Submitted by: Rod

You will need to contact Amsteel directly for those kind of answers.

Comments (1)

weight of Spectra rope

What is the weight/foot of 100% AmSteel®-Blue SK-75 Dyneema® HMPE fiber rope, 12-Strand Single Braid in 3/8" diameter?

Submitted by: Chris Reyling

AmSteel®-Blue in 3/8" diameter weighs 3.6 lbs/100’ = 57.6 ounces/100’, which works out to .57 ounce per foot.

There is more lots more information in the "Product Specs (.pdf)" link on this page.

Amsteel Blue

Do you have termination ends for this rope or does it have to be manually spliced into loops etc.?

Submitted by: Hank Banquer

Splicing is the best way!

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