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Bullflex Flexible Couplings

Bullflex Flexible Couplings

Mfr. Vetus

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$437.26 - $2,150.36
  • Smooths out torsional vibrations
  • Pretensioned rubber element ensures low noise and vibration-free transmission without backlash
  • Secured against shearing off, both axially and radially
  • Non-tapered clamping hub ensures easy installation and dismantling of the shaft assembly
  • Models 1, 2 and 4 have a 4" connection
  • Models 8 and 16 have both a 4" and 5" connection
  • Model 32 is provided with 6 threaded M16 holes on a pitch circle with diameter of 4-3/4"
Part No. Mfr No. Type Shaft Diameter Max R.P.M. Aligned Max R.P.M. 2° Misaligned Unit Leaves Warehouse* List Price
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Bullflex Flexible Couplings, Type 1, 1" (Special Order from Vetus)
77198 BULFL011 1 1" 7000 3500 Each In-Stock: 1 Day
On Sale
Bullflex Flexible Couplings, Type 2, 1"
77199 BULFL021 2 1" 6500 3250 Each 1 Week
Bullflex Flexible Couplings, Type 8, 1-1/2"
77202 BULFL0812 8 1-1/2" 5000 2500 Each 10 Days
Bullflex Flexible Couplings, Type 12, 1-3/4"
77204 BULFL1213 12 1-3/4" 4000 2000 Each 2 Weeks
Bullflex Flexible Couplings, Type 16, 1-3/4"
77206 BULFL1613 16 1-3/4" 4000 2000 Each 7 Days
Bullflex Flexible Couplings, Type 32, 2"
77209 BULFL322 32 2" 3600 1800 Each Limited Availability $2,328.84
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Additional Description
Perfect alignment of engine and propeller shaft often tends to be a rather time consuming affair, but the Bullflex comes to the aid of the installation engineer. Even with a misalignment of 2°, the shaft will remain perfectly centered onto the flange of the reverse gearbox. On account of a special centering ring, high shaft revolutions are entirely possible and even in reverse gear, the shaft will remain perfectly centered.

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Bullflex coupling fit?

I am looking for a flex coupling to my pleasure boat. Flange from a Capitol gear. Dimensions: Outer flange dim 4,3/4 inch, cc diameter for 6 nos 7/16 bolt holes 3, 7/8 inch. Max rpm on gear flange, 733 rpm and max torque 71 kgm. Narrow installation place, wishes a max total diameter of the coupling of max 200 mm. Diameter of propeller shaft, 50,0 mm. Thrust from propeller will pass through the coupling. Boat speed max 8 knots, displacement 11 tonnes. Propeller dia./pitch 31x20".

Submitted by: Sten

Sorry we don’t carry a coupler that meets these specifications at this time.


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