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Splash Zone Compound, Underwater Epoxy Putty, A-788

Splash Zone Compound, Underwater Epoxy Putty, A-788

Mfr. Z-Spar

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$59.99 - $203.57
Splash Zone Compound, A-788. With near magical properties, Splash Zone epoxy fits the needs of boaters, marinas, coastal home owners and race engine builders! It can be mixed and applied underwater and will cure underwater as well as in the air. This product is great for racing vehicles since it also stands up to heat, vibration and fuel on intake manifolds.

  • Can be mixed and applied underwater and will cure underwater as well as in the air
  • Adheres to any clean sound surface, either wet or dry, including aluminum, galvanized steel, steel, concrete, wood, fiberglass and existing coatings
  • Cures to an extremely hard coating which is abrasion and impact resistant
  • When mixed properly color turns to olive green
  • Sold as a kit, with primer and catalyst
  • Not for use in potable water systems
  • For Part A SDS (Safety Data Sheet) click here (.pdf file)
  • For Part B SDS (Safety Data Sheet) click here (.pdf file)
MIXING INSTRUCTIONS: Mix by hand. (Some people may be sensitive to epoxy or polyamide resins - wear tight fitting rubber gloves). Keep hands and material wet with water during mixing. Scoop a quantity of one component from can by hand. Scoop out an approximately equal quantity of the other component. Mix and knead material by hand until the yellow and black components have combined to make a uniform olive-green color. Apply immediately after mixing; no sweat-in time is required before using.

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Splash Zone, Underwater Epoxy Putty, 1 Quart Kit, 1 Pint Part A - 1 Pint Part B
262393 A788 Q Splash Zone 1 Quart Kit Each In-Stock
(Ships In: 1 - 2 Days)
Splash Zone, Underwater Epoxy Putty, 2 Quart Kit (1/2 Gallon), 1 Qt Part A - 1 QT Part B
79358 A788-4 Splash Zone 1/2 Gallon Kit Each In-Stock
(Ships In: 1 - 2 Days)
Splash Zone, Underwater Epoxy Putty, 2 Gallon Kit, 1 Gal Part A - 1 Gal Part B
89212 A788 1 Splash Zone 2 Gallon Kit Each In-Stock
(Ships In: 1 - 2 Days)
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Additional Description
    A-788 Splash Zone Compound was originally designed to provide protection against corrosion of metals and erosion and deterioration of concrete and wood at, above and below the waterline in splash zones. It is not only used on steel or wood piling, and pier supports, but also as a coating repair of boat hulls and buoys, on bridge abutments, and on any surface subject to erosion and corrosion in salt or fresh water. It is used for many patching and grouting applications that are not submerged, and on surfaces which subsequently are buried in soil

A-788 Splash Zone is an extremely hard, abrasion and impact resistant, two-part epoxy patching compound. It applies like putty to seal, fill, patch, or repair aluminum, wood, concrete, fiberglass, and steel. It can be applied in or out of water to repair boat hulls, buoys, seawalls, docks, bridge abutments, and more. Splash Zone provides excellent protection against corrosion of metals and erosion and deterioration of concrete or wood. Splash Zone’s rock-hard surface can be drilled, tapped, or machined. Recommended for patching and repairing damaged underwater surfaces. Not for use in potable water.

Review and FAQ Center

pipes with pressure charge

Can I use this product in pipes that have water pressure?.
Thanks and I aprecciate you help

Submitted by: GORDO

Yes, you can. The Splash Zone holds up very well under pressure.

4 stars Overall Rating: 4 stars out of 5
Good Stuff

I am currently using this compound in the process of restoring my AMF-Alcort Puffer sailboat. The stuff is AWESOME. Rock hard, seems to be absolutely waterproof, but it is very sticky, better use gloves if you can. I used water on my hands, like the instructions said, still stuck to me like flies on you-know-what. Cleaned up very easily though. I’m glad I was given this as a gift though, I could not afford to purchase this.

Uses: 5/5 stars
Cleanup: 5/5 Stars
Price: 3/5 Stars

Submitted by: Adam
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