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Eva Fenders / Floats

Mfr. Bao Long

Eva Fenders  /  Floats
Solid body Fenders - Not air filled
  • Resistant to any sharp object, cool weather, heavy pressure, chemicals, sunlight and oil
  • Super strong
  • Available in white
    • Material
    • Eva Fenders are made of Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Copolymer blended with examined high grade engineering polymers which quite different from other materials such as PVC or Synthetic-Rubber
    • BaoLong Eva Floats / Fenders are very light and soft regardless of the weather
    • Eva Floats do not absorb water even after a long hour operation
    • Eva Floats are enable to keep the buoyancy constant with no need of drying
    • Bao Long Eva Fenders / Floats have a reinforced grommet (recessed) which has enhanced resistance to wear and tear so it will not be broken by the roller or the lifting machines
    • Fender has a longer lift than PVC/Synthetic rubber floats
      Operating Efficiency
    • Eva Fenders make lifting fishing nets on fishing boat very easy
      Weather Resistance
    • Weather Tested, with no change in Tensile Strength, regardless of weather or extended fishing operation
      Water Pressure
    • Bao Long Eva Fenders have stood up to for fracturing and transforming or absorbing water even under hydraulic testing at 20 kgs/ equivalent to pressure 200 meters sea depth
    $22.07 - $215.96

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    Review and FAQ Center


    Can these be used to protect a transom form hitting the floating dock when docking at a pier?

    Submitted by: Pete

    Those fenders would work on a transom since they have an open core allowing for horizontal mounting.
    Eva Fenders

    We also have a fender made specifically for transoms:

    Transom Fender

    EVA fenders

    I’m wondering about the weight of the 6" and 8" fenders? Also, is it a correct assumption that the hole goes the entire way through the fender to enable horizontal hanging?

    Submitted by: RJ

    The 6" is 3 pounds, the 8" is 5 pounds. The hole does indeed go all the way through.

    Eva Fenders

    Do these bumpers float?




    Yes they float - and very well. They are quite rugged, typically used in the fishing and commercial booming business.

    Submitted by: Bob

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