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Bentley's Marine Seating

Bentley's Marine Seating is a family owned division of Bentley's Manufacturing. Since 1967 Bentley's has been building boat seats for new boat builders and refurbishers. Bentley's is the choice for boat seat restoration; in fact, they probably built the original boat seats you are using. A large choice of colors, traditional design, quality, affordability and custom construction have kept Bentley's Marine Seating at the forefront of boat seating. Bentley's boat seats are upholstered in Naugahyde, choose a solid color online or call us to special order boat seats with trim/inset/welt combinations in your choice of 19 colors at no extra cost.

Bentley's Recreational Single Boat Seats

Bentley’s Recreational Single Boat Seats Regardless of your use, Bentley's builds a boat seat for you.

Bentley's manufactures seats in almost any configuration from high back, low back to folding backrest and options including covering material, arms, headrest or durable Sanalite frame.

Bentley's features universal bolt mounting pattern and marine grade materials.

Bentley’s Recreational Single Boat Seats

Bentley's Commercial Single Boat Seats

Bentley's Commercial Single Boat SeatsBentley's supplies the sturdy Mariner and Magnum boat seats for commercial service.

For rugged use and a comfortable ride, Bentley's Marine Seating supplies a heavy duty suspension system to fit most Bentley's singles.

Bentley's Mariner “knee action” suspension and chassis is designed for the most rugged conditions.

Bentley’s Recreational Single Boat Seats

Boat Seat Restoration and Refitting

Bentley’s prides themselves with four decades of a family business in boat seat construction. Whether you are restoring your vessels boat seats to their former glory with back to back seats or modernizing your boat with pedestal boat seating, Bentley’s has back to back seats, jump seats, folding backrest seats and bucket or bench seats for your vintage or modern boat.

Back to Back Seats

back to back seats
back to back seats

Jump Seats

jump seats
jump seats

Folding Backrest Seats

folding backrest seats
folding backrest seats

Bucket or Bench Seats

bucket or bench seats
bucket or bench seats

Parts for Seating

Beyond constructing boat chairs, Bentley's supplies pedestals, slides, posts, swivels, seat mounts and suspension systems to fit Bentley's boat seats as well as other popular manufactures boat seats.

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