Engine Mounts, Dual Mount DF-4420 Series


Engine Mount, Dual Mount, DF-4425-4, 2,800 to 3,600 lbs
SKU: 528221
Mfg# DF-4425-4
UNIT: Each
Type: Engine Weight 2,800 to 3,600 lbs
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Engine Mount, Dual Mount DF-4420 Series vibration isolators are Bushings Inc.'s Dual-Flex style industrial marine engine mounts. DF-4420 Series are flexible engine mounts that withstand temperature extremes, exposure to salt atmosphere, oil & grease.

  • Industrial strength marine engine vibration isolators
  • 9" on center mounting holes
  • 3-3/4" on center engine studs
  • Cast Aluminum body
  • Oil resistant elastomer damping element
  • Zinc plated steel parts
  • 1"-14 thread studs
Suggested Mounts
Engine WeightDF-4420 Mount
2,800 to 3,600 lbs.DF-4425-4
3,600 to 4,400 lbs.DF-4426-4
4,400 to 5,000 lbs.DF-4427-4
5,000 to 5,600 lbs.DF-4428-4

The ("Dual Flex") DF-4420 Series of heavy duty mountings is a twinstud double mount designed principally for diesel engines in excess of2,800 lbs. up to 5,600 lbs. in weight. These mounts are generally used on the Òheavy (marine transmission) end" of the engine along with DF-4400 Series mounts on the front of the engine. Durable oil and fuel resistant elastomer element. Low profile mount - requires only 3 3/8"minimum clearance from casting base to top of leveling nut. Fail safe design - bottom pad prevents excessive impact. Easy installation withfull 1" threaded studs for vertical height and slotted casting for horizontal adjustment. Mounts come complete - furnished with threenuts: leveling, locking and secondary lock. Aluminum base cast with 1/2" slotted mounting holes for 1/2" bolts or lag screws on 9" centers.All steel parts are zinc plated for corrosion resistance. Available in foursize ratings (shown below) dependant on engine/powertrain package weight.

The patented Bushings, Inc. "Dual Flex" Marine Engine Mount design provides outstanding vibration isolation control across the three(longitudinal, lateral, and vertical) fields of vibratory motion.Construction of the mount gives a soft cushioning effect under normal loads, as mount loads increase across the operating range, shear resistance grows quickly providing smooth operation with a small amount of deflection.

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