Jet-Lube Marine Moly Lubricating Paste

$22.05 to $22.55
$22.05 to $22.55
Molybdenum Disulfide Lubricating Paste

MARINE MOLY is extremely resistant to water, withstands extreme weather elements and helps prevent corrosion on metal exposed to water, steam, salt spray, etc.
MARINE-MOLY has a 300,000 psi film strength

Open gears, spur gears, loading racks and arms, sliding bases, marine transmission gears.

Not recommended for plastic, nylon or surfaces to be painted.
Item #
Service Rating
Jet-Lube Marine Moly Lubercating Past
Item #:544044-12 oz.
Size: 12 oz. aerosol
Service Rating: -185°C to 400°C
Jet-Lube Marine Moly Lubercating Past
Item #:544044-1 lb.
Size: 1 lb. brush top
Service Rating: -300°F to 750°F

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