Lamp Fuel

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Weems and Plath Lamp Fuel 32 Oz.
SKU: 562104
Mfg# 780
LFS# Wee780
UNIT: Each
Length:: 4"Width: 2.5"Height: 9.4Weight: 1.9 Lbs
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This item is odorless and smokeless when it is being used as designed. This is the cleanest burning lamp fuel that you could purchase. Weems and Plath have an exclusive blend of highly refined liquid waxes formulated to standards far above other lamp oils on the market. This fuel will eliminate the soot build up that is commonly associated with kerosene fuel. It is safe to use with high flash-points and is not considered to be hazardous by most of the shipping agents.

  • Flashpoint over 200 °s F (93.3 °s C)
  • One quart plastic container

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Question: What kind of oil or kerosene should I use and where should I purchase it?
George H.

Answer: Weems & Plath advise using a high quality lamp oil like their Lamp Fuel #780. It is a clean burning, odorless & smokeless oil that you will find works great in any of their lamps. While kerosene burns a little brighter it is not recommended as it is not as refined and can produce smoke and can cause allergies. Same goes for any non-clean lamp oil (several are dyed red and should be avoided).
Mary M.