Mustang Inflatable Belt Pack


Mustang Inflatable Belt Pack
SKU: 561462
Mfg# MD3025 02 191
LFS# MD302502
UNIT: Each
Size: Universal Adult/ 16 Years of age or olderColor: Navy BlueApprovals: USCG Approved, Type VRe-Arm Kit: MA7170
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The Mustang Survival MD3025 NV is a constant wear life preserver for duties where there is an inherent risk of immersion. It is conveniently worn, easily and quickly deployed and very effective in floating the immersed wearer. Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) has approved the MD3025 NV for use on US Navy ships as abandon ship life preservers.
The Mustang Survival MD3025 NV is an excellent blend of ergonomic design and immersion hazards protection. The compact, lightweight and comfortable to wear MD3025 NV is a pouch-type life preserver designed for compatibility with typical Navy uniforms and work suits. The life preserver packs into the compact carrying case worn around the waist. The waist belt is adjustable, fitting a wide range of users. The open design of the MD3025 NV allows the wearer to easily perform duties without being encumbered.
The MD3025 NV improves an unconscious wearer’s opportunity for survival. Fitted over the head, the neck tie-tapes and waist belt secure the life preserver to the wearer in the even of immersion. The advanced design and 35lbs of buoyancy is sufficient to self-right a face down person in seconds, when the vest is properly donned and fully inflated.
The convenient equipment pocket on the waist belt provides storage for the attached ACR® Firefly II strobe light and whistle that help an immersed wearer attract the attention of rescuers. The strobe light mounts to the bladder on either shoulders with VelcroTM. Also included is an attached buddy line that offers the ability to connect to another survivor, maintaining contact.
Additional marking and the life preserver’s reversibility work to ensure inexperienced users correctly don the MD3025 NV. The life preserver is easy to re-pack and re-arm. Technicians at the unit can accomplish rearming using Mustang Survival accessories.
Mustang has a long history of working closely with the military to develop survival apparel solutions that offer enhanced performance and improved comfort.
In-Water Performance
Fully inflated, the life preserver provides a minimum effective buoyant force of 35lbs (156 Newtons). Most people are self-righted, from a face down to a face up position, within five seconds of activation. The MD3025’s effective in-water performance includes enhanced self-righting and high freeboard. When properly donned and adjusted, the MD3025 supports the wearer in a stable, backward-inclined position with their mouth clear of the water’s surface. The life preserver is activated using a replaceable 33-gram CO2 cylinder and backup oral inflation conforming to UL1191.
Materials The inflatable cell fabric is made of strong and durable 200-denier polyurethane coated nylon that is radio frequency (RF) welded for maximum bond strength.
All bladders are tested to ensure the highest level of reliability and performance. Mustang Survival offers superior quality under rigid ISO-9001 standards.

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