Z-Pro Power Mixers

$3.30 to $13.75
$3.30 to $13.75
Z-Pro Power Mixers feature a heavy duty metal hexagon shaft. Use with electric drill speeds of 500-900 RPM.
Item #
Mixer Size
Shaft Size
Premier Power Mixer, 1-3/4"
Item #:543469-1-3/4"
Mixer Size: 1-3/4"
Shaft Size: 19"
Capacity: 5 Gallon
Premier Power Mixer, 3-1/4"
Item #:543469-3-1/4"
Mixer Size: 3-1/4"
Shaft Size: 17"
Capacity: 5-10 Gallon
Premier Power Mixer, 2-3/8"
Item #:543469-2-3/8"
Mixer Size: 2-3/8"
Shaft Size: 17"
Capacity: 1-5 Gallon
Premier Power Mixer with Plastic Tip, 2-1/4"
Item #:543469-2-1/4"
Mixer Size: 2-1/4"
Shaft Size: 14"
Capacity: Quart/Gallon
Premier Power Mixer, 4"
Item #:543469-4"
Mixer Size: 4"
Shaft Size: 23"
Capacity: 5-10 Gallon

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