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Rocker Stopper, Sold as Each
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Davis Instruments, Rocker Stoppers are a wave and wake motion dampening system for use on a stationary boats. Boaters simply tie the required number of Rocker Stoppers approximately 44 cm (18″) apart. Rocker Stoppers are strung with a 5-10 pound weight attached at the bottom of the string. Hang one string off each side of the boat. Just four units per side are what it takes on most boats to 36′.

Be sure you hang them where they will always be underwater. Many people use mushroom anchors with their Rocker Stoppers because this type of weight nests well inside the last Rocker Stopper in your string. Use 10 mm (3/8″) braided nylon or 3-stranded nylon line.

Use without a weight (or with reduced weight) for drift fishing. Rocker Stoppers will slow down drift substantially. They are also great to use at the end of a dock to stabilize the tip from rocking. Rocker Stoppers nest together and each one is 33 cm (14″) in diameter.

It’s lightweight and molded of high impact, virtually indestructible styrene. Can be deployed or retrieved in seconds. Unaffected by salt water and cannot affect the sides of your boat. Units are made to “nest” within each other, so storage is a breeze.

  • Effectively dampens the effects of waves and wake on a stationary boat
  • Lightweight and molded of high-impact, virtually indestructible styrene
  • Can be deployed or retrieved in seconds
  • Salt water resistant
  • Units nest with-in each other to facilitate storage
  • A mushroom anchor may be used as a wieght and will nest with the neatly in the Rocker Stoppers

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Try it you’ll


We boat on the piscatiqua River in Portsmouth nh .after being tossed around for two years by bigger boats and the waves they create
<br>My wife came across the Rocker Stopper
<br>I was told. By other s not to waste my money
<br>My 16 foot 4 winns. Is a whole new boat now
<br>And I couldn’t be happpier !!!!

Rocker Stopper works somewhat


Have a 64 ft house boat on a mountain lake. Installed 5 rocker stoppers on each side of the boat to stop rocking caused by inconsiderate boaters in a no wake zone. They did reduce the rocking but did not eliminate the rocking.

John Lopez


Beyond amazing, and half the price of the competition!

Does it make sense to mount 4 lines on each of the "corners" of the boat to eliminate rocking on the roll as well as pitch axes? Also, how much weight is needed to weigh down each line with 4 rocker stoppers? 

 Using a line on all four corners is not recommended. Off of both sides as far off the hull as you can get them is best. Use of a drogue or a sea anchor can reduce pitch and setting rockers toward the stern will help also. A 5-10 lb mushroom achor or other weight, you can use chain, dive weights etc works best


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