System Three WR-LPU Topcoat, Quart


System Three WR-LPU Topcoat, Quart
SKU: 240293
Mfg# 1802K16
LFS# SYS1802K16
UNIT: Quart
Application Temperature Range: 55°F - 90°F (12°C-32°C)Wet Film Thickness @ 6 - 7 mils: 350 - 400 ft2/gal (8.74 - 10 m2/L)Dry Film Thickness @ 2½ - 3 mils: 350 - 400 ft2/gal (8.74 - 10 m2/L)Drying Time @ 77°F (25°C): 60 MinutesRe-Coat Time @ 77°F (25°C): (without crosslinker) 14 Days MaximumRe-Coat Time @ 77°F (25°C): (with crosslinker) 24 Hours MaximumVOCs: 105-125 g/L (depending on color)
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WR-LPU Topcoat is a two-part linear polyurethane coating specifically formulated for maximum performance and ease of use. When cured it is moisture, solvent and fuel resistant. WR-LPU contains UV absorbers and will not yellow or lose gloss for years, depending on exposure.
Thin and clean up WR-LPU Topcoat with water.
WR-LPU product kit contains a can of paint and a bottle of crosslinking material *. The paint by itself cures to a very high-quality coating, without the crosslinker. However, the addition of the crosslinking material produces a tougher and more durable film. It will be more chemical and fuel resistant, have better gloss retention and generally last longer than a film cured without the crosslinker.

  • A two-part, waterborne linear polyurethane enamel.
  • Formulated for ease of use.
  • Provides appearance and performance equal to its solvent-borne counterparts.
  • Cures to a high quality surface without crosslinker.
  • When cured WR-LPU is moisture, solvent and fuel resistant.



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