Uflex Brass Hydraulic Steering Cylinder, 376 cc (22.94 cu. in), 9" Travel


Uflex Brass Hydraulic Steering Cylinder, 376 cc (22.94 cu. in), 9" Travel
SKU: 494190
Mfg# UC378-I
UNIT: Each
Type: Brass Hydraulic Steering Cylinder
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  • Balanced cylinder
  • Cylinder Bore: 2"
  • Torque: 187,6 kgm - 16347 lbs.in
  • Cylinder Stroke: 9"
  • Inside Diameter: 50 mm - 1.97Ó
  • The number of turns lock-to-lock is equal port to starboard or vice-versa
  • Fittings: for (12 mm) copper tube (flexible connection hoses included) or TUR7 high pressure flex hose

Volume376 cc - 22.94 cu.in
Torque187,6 kgm - 16347 lbs.in
Output force1155 kg - 2545 lbs
Inside diameter50 mm - 1.97”
Stroke228 mm - 9"


for (12 mm) copper tube (flexible connection hoses included) or TUR7 high pressure flex hose
All UFLEX hydraulic steering systems are designed in conformity with UNI-EN-ISO 10592 and A.B.Y.C. P21 regulations. All UFLEX steering systems can operate at temperatures between -18°C (0°F) and +77°C (+170°F). All the components are made for the marine environment, using materials and working processes which offer long life and safety under the most extreme conditions. A hydraulic steering system consists of a steering pump, a cylinder tied to the rudder or to the outboard or sterndrive engine and the connecting hoses. Under normal operating conditions, a turn of the steering wheel will pump the oil, which flows in through the hoses to the cylinder, according to the turn direction. With the consequent cylinder movement the oil will flow to the pump through the hoses and at the same time moves the engine or the helm which are connected to the cylinder. The pumps equipped with a valve which prevents outgoing fluid from returning along the same hose, allow the operation of the steering systems with two or more steering stations. The cylinders are double acting and may be balanced or unbalanced. In the unbalanced cylinders the two chambers have different volumes and so they need a different number of turns of the steering wheel and a different rotation effort. The balanced cylinders have same number of steering wheel turns in order to move the helm from the center to the end stroke in the two opposite directions. A well balanced steering system needs a correct choice of the pump for the cylinder. UFLEX produces different pump models, which have different capacity (cm3 of oil moved each steering wheel turn) and for each type of installation. While choosing the pump it is important to consider the cylinder volume. The number of starboard and port turns is determined by the ratio between the cylinder volume and the pump capacity. Example: if the pump has a capacity of 28 cm3 [1,7cu.in.] and the cylinder has a volume of 120 cm3 [7,3cu.in.], the formula looks like this: 120/28=4,2. Accordingly, the steering wheel will turn 4,2 times before the cylinder will completely turn from one side to the other. In case of installations with double cylinders connected in parallel the cylinder volume must be added. Applications with less than 4 turns are not recommended, as they need a higher effort, applications with more than 8 turns are also not recommended, as the response of the boat to steer is slowly. The hydraulic cylinders for inboard engine UC 69-I, UC 116-I, UC 168-I, UC 215-I and UC 293-I models have been designed and manufactured to be used as a component in the hydraulic steering systems, as described in the previous paragraph. The cylinder with mobile rod is installed directly to the arm of the helm through the proper ball joint on the end part of the cylinder. On the opposite side it is fixed directly to the boat through a support with plate (see par. 3.2). For the dual helm application, the single cylinder must be mounted with a tie bar. T

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Two Year Limited Warranty. Uflex USA, Inc. warrants that all products manufactured by Uflex USA, Inc or Ultraflex S.p.A. and sold by Ulflex USA to the retail purchaser that for two 2 years after the date of manufacture to be free from defects due to material or workmanship, subject to the exclusions below. Improper installation VOIDS this warranty. Installation should only be attempted by a trained and qualified technician.


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