Weldless Sling Link

$10.95 to $38.95
$10.95 to $38.95
  • Standard Material: Drop-forged steel, heat treated
  • Design factor: 6 to 1
  • Make sure the link has a working load limit compatible with that of the chain or wire rope with which it is used
  • Do not exceed WLL
  • The WLL can be significantly reduced under the following conditions: Wear and/or Distortion, Extreme Heat, Weld Spatter; if link is exposed to any of these conditions, discard it
WARNING: Failure to follow the instructions for use below and these warnings may cause death or serious injury. Use links only as indicated. Links must always be inspected for wear and distortion before use. If worn, distorted or damaged, discard and replace. Do not weld on these links. Always stand clear of loads being lifted.
Item #
Size (in.)
Working Load Limit (lbs.)
Weldless Sling Link
Item #:531516-5/8"
Size (in.): 5/8"
Working Load Limit (lbs.): 4200
A: 3-3/4"
B: 2-1/2"
C: 1-1/4"
Weldless Sling Link
Item #:531516-7/8"
Size (in.): 7/8"
Working Load Limit (lbs.): 8300
A: 5-1/4"
B: 3-1/2"
C: 1-3/4"
Weldless Sling Links, 1/2"
Item #:531516-1/2"
Size (in.): 1/2"
Working Load Limit (lbs.): 2900
A: 3"
B: 2"
C: 1"
Weldless Sling Links, 3/4"
Item #:531516-3/4"
Size (in.): 3/4"
Working Load Limit (lbs.): 6000
A: 4-1/2"
B: 3"
C: 1-1/2"

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