Zcare Bilge Cleaner

$17.57 to $52.63
$17.57 to $52.63


ZCare Bilge Cleaner is an innovative approach to cleaning your bilge while doing a better job for the environment. Not only does ZCare Bilge Cleaner clean better than other products, it also contains billions of naturally occurring microbes that convert oil and fuel to water and carbon dioxide. Make the best choice for your boat and your marine environment; use ZCare Bilge Cleaner to clean up your bilge!

  • Bioremedial Product - Naturally occurring microbes eat the oil & fuel
  • Keeps bilge free of oil and sludge buildup
  • Easy to use and has a gentle smell
  • Add to bilge on a regular basis

If bilge is dry, add water and ZCare Bilge Cleaner at a 10 to 1 ratio, water to cleaner. If the bilge has water in it, it is safe to estimate the volume of water and then add ZCare Bilge Cleaner at a 10 to 1 ratio. Allow ZCare Bilge Cleaner to remain in your bilge for a minimum of one hour. ZCare Bilge Cleaner works best while running your boat. The heat from the engines and the rocking action will help ZCare Bilge Cleaner clean your bilge. The longer you leave ZCare Bilge Cleaner in your bilge, the more hydrocarbons will be consumed. The microbes are activated by heat and therefore the process takes longer in colder temperatures and in boats that are not underway. Always obey local, state and federal regulations when pumping out your boat.


Item #
Zcare Bilge Cleaner, 1 Quart
Item #:543430-1qt
MPN:50600 QC
Zcare Bilge Cleaner, 1 Gallon
Item #:543430-1gal
MPN:50600 PC



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