Asano Double Auto Shackle

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Asano Double Auto Shackle
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The Double Auto Shackle is an innovative model that uses the gate mechanism of ASANO's Auto Shackle, which is highly evaluated as a connecting metal fitting for ropes, rings and fishing nets, at both ends. The bodies are connected by a Φ16 shaft. This can lead to a reduction in the number of metal fittings used for connection.

Material: Special stainless steel

This product is fishing gear. Do not use it as a hanging hook for cargo handling. The gate may open unintentionally due to physical shock. If the gate is released while a load is applied, the main unit may be subjected to strong impact and the product may be damaged, or an accident may occur, such as a released load hitting the surrounding objects or people.


  • Easy connection and release

    You can open the gate instantly by inserting a spike etc. into the hole of the main body. It can also be closed easily and securely by hand. The same structure on both ends makes it easy to operate.

  • Felxively bends according to movement

    By connecting the main body with a shaft of φ16, it bends flexibly while maintaining strength. This makes it possible to reduce the unreasonable load such as twisting on the product during use.

  • Assumed location of use

    It can be used at the connection point between the net and the purse ring / purse line in purse seine fishing. Since both ends have gate mechanism, the number of metal fittings used for connection can be reduced.

Size L(mm)L1(mm)B(mm)B1(mm)Unit Weight(g)Work Load Limit(t)



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