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Tessilmare Rub Rails


Download the complete Tessilmare Rub Rail Catalog (pdf).



If you don’t have time to mess around with complicated and drawn out installation procedures, then BINO is the one for you! This two-piece PATENTED design allows for easy installation and helps to cover all those unaesthetic screws and fastenings. BINO comes in easy to install custom cut lengths. This helps to makes the installation process simple and fast.




This PATENTED Rub Rail has several easy and fast installation options, to suit a large variety of different applications: you can choose to fit it directly to your boat or with an extremely strong and durable PVC base, which is available both in a standard and slim version.




This PATENTED Fender Profile comes in two pieces: a rigid track to be screwed or riveted on the boat with no special tool and a soft part to be fixed on the base. The soft seamless insert is supplied in custom-cut reels to avoid waste.