Grunden's foul weather gear is worn by fishermen and fisherwomen worldwide. Find heavy duty rain jackets, rain pants and rain boots that are used in very cold and wet marine environments.

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Grundens CSA Hi-Vis Yellow Neptune Bibs
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Grundens CSA Hi-Vis Yellow Neptune Jacket
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Grundens Deck-Boss Sandal
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Grundens Deck-Hand Sandal
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Grundens Full Share Fishing Bibs
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Grundens Full Share Jacket
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Grundens Full Share Pants
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Grundens Hauler Bibs
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Grundens Hauler Jacket
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Grundens Neptune Thermo Pant
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Grundens Neptune Thermo Pullover
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Grundéns for Everyone


Grundéns began almost 100 years ago on the west coast of Sweden in the small fishing village of Grundsund, where Carl A. Grundén began producing waterproof oil skins to protect the fisherman of the North Sea from their extremely harsh working environment. The brand-new Grundéns rain gear worked well and the venture was a success, and in 1930 Grundéns released a new breed of oilskin that was even better than the thick, linseed oil-soaked cotten outerwear. This oilskin was also rubberized, keeping the fishermen much drier than ever before.


Twenty years later, Grundéns rain gear was PVC coated and in 1955, this advanced gear became available to the areas of agricultural, sailing, hunting, and lifestyle rainwear. In 1972 the company relocated to Lisbon, Portugal and from there the product line grew, yet without any reduction in the quality that is synonymous to Grundéns products. While today their clothing is still built for protection from the elements, there are now stylish choices for the recreational and sporting industries; but they still perform to the company's high standards.


Grundéns rain gear, Grundéns boots and Grundéns bibs were originally found in the specialty chandleries. Today their products are sold and are available from many different types of vendors and sources thanks to brothers Mike and Dave Jackson, who in 1991 acquired the North American distribution rights and founded Grundéns, USA. The expansion of their clothing line and product availability now makes Grundéns fishing apparel such as Grundéns rain pants, Grundéns rain jackets and Grundéns deck boots available to everyone, anytime.


Grundens Worn by Commerical Fisherman


Which means that Grundéns has products that perform exceptionally well for those who are into recreational fishing, as well as those who commercial fish for a living. And their good stuff doesn't stop at the sea. It extends inland to lakes and rivers, where folks revel in fly fishing, bobber fishing, drift fishing and more--all while staying warm and dry in a Grundéns rain jacket like a women's Pisces jacket or a men's Bulkhead Stretch jacket. The Grundéns bibs made with Gore-Tex®, like the Downrigger, can repel liquid water while allowing water vapor to pass through.


It is one thing to be dry, but it is equally important to be warm and comfortable and Grundéns has not left their customers out in the cold here, either. Products such as the Grundéns pants are available as outerwear, base layer pants, sweatpants, and work pants. Let's not forget Grundéns fishing pants, both for commercial and recreational fishing, like their men's Gaff Sportfishing Shorts or the Weatherwatch line of Grundéns rain pants.


A wide variety of these pants are available for women as well as men, including the Weatherwatch, many of the Grundéns bibs, and much more. In fact, they have excellent leggings like the women's Maris that not only easily meets the "warm and comfortable" requirement, but they look good enough to be worn alone or as a base layer underneath your jeans or rain pants. Layering (or not) never looked or felt so good.


And who doesn't love hoodies? The Grundéns hoodie is available in many styles, weights, colors, and artwork (or no artwork) for both men and women. But beyond the Grundéns hoodie that you might expect--very warm, thick fleece--are their other, lighter hoodies. The women's Maris hoodie, like the leggings, is designed to be used as a base layer or worn on the outside.


Another Grundéns hoodie that is quite unique compared to the others is the Solstrale hoodie. This is a hoodie designed specifically for sunshine--that is, keeping th UVA and UVB rays from turning you cooked-lobster-red. "Solstrale" means "ray of light" in Swedish, and while the sun's rays of light may be pretty to look at, the damage of overexposure to skin is not, hence the UPF50 rated material.


Keep Your Head Dry with Grudens


Wearing a hat provides a substantial amount of protection from the rain, sun, and chilly wind, even if worn for fashion. There is a Grundéns hat for any activity, be it to keep the rain off your head, the sun out of your eyes, or the cold off your ears. We have a lot of different styles, colors, and fabrics of these many hats to suit your style here at Go2marine, and many different artistic designs.


Like trucker hats? They're extremely popular, even though a large percentage of the population mistakenly refers to them as baseball caps! What's the difference? Baseball caps are made mostly, if not entirely, of cloth, have a tighter fit (which makes them perfect for ball players), and do not feature that higher front panel that trucker hats have, which is perfect for company logos and fun artwork.


Trucker hats also feature mesh panels in the back, making them lighter and more breathable than baseball caps, as these photos of the Script Foamie hat show. They're generally more adjustable than many baseball caps as well, which is a good thing because trucker hats tend to be bigger. Now that you know the difference, browse away at the many different Grundéns trucker hats we carry.


Another popular Grundéns hat is the beanie. It's true what the folks at Grundéns say: "On or off the water, it’s never a bad time for a beanie." Check out the different colors, styles, and materials (like merino!) we have for you here.


Extend the Time Your Kids are in the Great Outdoors with Grundens


If the kids need a Grundéns rain jacket, they haven't forgotten them. We carry several styles, like the Zenith 293, built just for the little ones size 2-8, and the Zenith 282 for the bigger kids size 8-16. Both are fishing parkas styled like the ones for adults. Or for a more heavy-duty jacket, get the Clipper 282 Hooded Parka.


Of course, we had to offer to ever-popular Weather Watch Grundéns jacket, which comes in kids sizes 2-16. And we haven't forgotten the matching Grundéns rain pants, either. Or rather, Grundéns bibs, as both of the matching Zeniths and the Clipper come as bibs. But the matching Weather Watch are available as elastic waist pants.


This is a company that keeps you covered head to toe, although their popular footwear will do much more than simply cover your toes. Grundéns boots, and shoes for that matter, are in demand for a reason--they're quality products that work as hard as you do. Grundéns boots such as those in the Deck-Boss line are a prime example.


Grundéns Deck-Boss boots for men or women are ankle boot style, designed for recreational fishing and all-day comfort. For something more suited to commercial fishing, try the Deck-Boss 15-inch Boot with an updated design that sets the new standard for what a fishing boot should be. But if you're not commercial fishing and want to wear shoes, your feet are covered there as well.


The Women's Sea Knit Boat Shoes are Grundéns take on the classic sneaker and have been anatomically engineered for female feet. The Sea Knit Boat Shoes are also available for men. We also have Grundéns men's Freeboard Wool Chukka Boat Shoes for the discerning guy who wants to go right from the deck to dinner in style.


From hats to footwear, rain wear, base layers, hoodies, T's, and so much more, Grundéns dresses both the commercial and recreational fishers and boaters out there. And while Carl A. Grundén may have started out producing those life-saving oilskins for the hard-working fishermen of his village and surrounding area (after all, it was almost 100 years ago!), today Grundéns, as well as others, provide fishing and boating apparel for women as well.


This is good news, and the even better news is, as more women get into both commercial and recreational fishing and boating (as in, with their own boats and not as maritime eye candy), retailers are responding by creating more of these items for women. So, take a look at what we have and keep checking back from time to time, as we're always fishing for more great clothing.