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1043 Products


‘Sea-Dog ®’


Whether one is a new or a seasoned shopper for marine hardware, marine lifesaving equipment and general boat stuff there is a name of a company that services a huge portion of the marine market sporting a diverse portfolio of marine products that are excellent value for money. There is almost a ‘‘Sea-Dog ®’ product for every general item required aboard a boat, be it a sailboat requiring sailboat hardware, a powerboat needing marine lighting or a bass boat adding extra railing and rail fittings. The original company was founded in the Pacific Northwest with the current ‘Sea-Dog ®’ corporation headquartered in the city of Everett, Washington. A truly American company ‘Sea-Dog ®’ has in the past and still does supply not only to boat builders but also to the general public through a network of dealers.


Sea-Dog Deck Hardware


From the basic to the stylish or the robust to the lightweight. ‘Sea-Dog ®’ supplies deck plates in stainless steel, brass, or plastic, cleats are available in similar metals and the list goes on. This is a small example of the choices ‘Sea-Dog ®’ marine affords the mariner.


Sea-Dog Marine Lighting


One would be hard pressed to find a boat that does not have even the simplest light aboard. ‘Sea-Dog ®’ offers interior and exterior marine lighting with navigation lights for vessels small to large that are regulatory compliant, interior lights such as the classic interior dome light that is either a white light or a combination white and red. With LED lighting becoming more the norm ‘Sea-Dog ®’ offers many of the classic style lights in LED allowing a retrofit to use the same footprint as the original. To compliment the lighting ‘Sea-Dog ®’ also provides switches and electrical panels.


Sea-Dog Rail and Bimini Fittings


‘Sea-Dog ®’ supplies rail fittings in solid stainless steel, chrome plated zinc or plastic. The list of rail fittings is incredibly extensive with options that will enhance the look of any vessel. The line of rail fittings is not merely for looks but are also very practical allowing a handy person to create railings that look professional when completed. Whether installing a new handrail, assembling a Bimini frame or adding new lifelines ‘Sea-Dog ®’ has fittings that will suite the budget and perform without question.