10% Off Sierra Motor Oil & Filters


Enhance the efficiency of your vessel and help protect your engine and equipment with Sierra’s assortment of oils & filters. Whatever your needs, you can be confident in selecting one of their high-performance products. 10% OFF.


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Disposable Coveralls

Full-body protection from paint, resins, fiberglass, and sanding dusts.

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Absorbent Oil Bilge Boom


Absorbs up to 1.2 gallons of fuel, oil, or hydraulic fuel.


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Star Tron Enzyme Fuel Treatment


Trust Star Tron Enzyme Fuel Treatment for optimal engine performance. This leading marine fuel additive resolves ethanol fuel problems for all engines, guarantees smooth operation, and enhances power. Experience the best in fuel efficiency and engine longevity with Star Tron.

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Trident Hoses


Whether your application is for fuel, wet exhaust, bilge, live well, sanitation, or water systems, Trident Marine offers high-performance and durable hose that is built to last.

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Pettit HRT Unepoxy Antifouling Paint

Experience the power of Pettit’s Hybrid Reactive Technology (HRT). This cutting-edge solution optimizes biocide use and includes film modifiers for minimized yearly build-up. HRT is a reliable, cost-effective antifouling paint designed to endure beaching, trailering, and a full season’s wear and tear.

$111.95 | REG: $129.95




Rule-Mate Bilge Pumps

With optimized impeller design, automatic water level sensors, and built-In thermal cut-off, Rule-Mate bilge pumps ensure maximum efficiency and safety. The back-up feature prevents run-on, while the backflow prevention feature reduces odor.

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Hot Buy Prices Valid Through April 30th, 2024


Boat Prep Checklist

  1. 1 Check all hoses for cracks or breaks. Replace with Trident Marine hose as needed.
  2. 2 Flush antifreeze from your water systems.
  3. 3 Change your oil using the proper Sierra Oil and replace your oil filter with the appropriate Sierra Oil Filters.
  4. 4 Consider changing your fuel filter with a new Racor Fuel Filter.
  5. 5 Check your boat's hull for any damage. Repair as needed.
  6. 6 Clean and scrape the bottom of your boat if it is accessible.Consider painting your hull with Pettit Antifouling Paint .
  7. 7 Check windows and lights for any indication of leaks. Seal as needed.
  8. 8Lubricatewinches, anchor windlass, blocks, and pad eyes.
  9. 9 Check and replace zincs as needed.
  10. 10 Check engine belts and replace as needed.
  11. 11 Check transmission fluid levels and quality.
  12. 12 Check spark plugs and replace as needed.
  13. 13 Change the gear lube if you didn't during winterization.
  14. 14 Check battery, clean battery terminals, and top up with distilled water if need.