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You want to choose a good quality boat fender that will protect your boat from scraping against the dock. We carry a wide variety of boat fenders by Taylor Made, Polyform and Jim Buoy. Many of the boat fenders have life time warranties and are made in the USA. Additionaly, Go2marine carries long lasting UV resistant mooring buoys and all the necessary mooring buoy hardware. We also supply a wide range of regulatory mooring buoys for marine navigation as well as colorful water ski buoys and markers.
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Toon, Pontoon Fender, PVC, 6" x 36", Cream

Toon, Pontoon Fender, PVC, 6" x 36", Cream

Part No. 203161
Mfr. Dock Edge
Mfr No. 53-131-F

Dock Edge, Fender Lok, Kwik Adjusting, White

Dock Edge, Fender Lok, Kwik Adjusting, White

Part No. 474691
Mfr. Dock Edge
Mfr No. 91-500-F

Twin Eye Ribbed Fenders
$10.95 - $28.43

Twin Eye Ribbed Fenders

Mfr. Dock Edge

Products: 1 - 3 of 3
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Do you sell polyform bouy cover for A3?

Do you sell polyform bouy cover for A3?

Submitted by: doug

We do sell the Buoy Covers for the Polyform A3.

pulling buoys

Hello, I work for Deep Creek Lake state park in Maryland. It is the largest lake in Maryland. We have over 100 buoys in the water. Every spring we put them in, then every fall we have to take them out. Right now our method is to float up to the buoy hook it with a long rod then pull it in by hand. This is very hard work! Each buoy is about 120lbs..I am looking for an easier way to do this. I dont think a normal winch would work because it stops when it gets to the base. We need a continues winch to get them up onto the boat. can you please give me any information on if a Anchor Windlass would work in this situation. Thank you!

Submitted by: Leonard Ford

That is easy - your requirements are very similar to what a fisherman does with a pot puller.

You can lead on the line, swing the boom into the boat and then easily release the line.

Pot Pullers

You choices are gas or electric
Alaska Sports Model Safe~T~Puller Electric Pot Pullers - 200 lb Pull
Honda 4 hp OHV Gas Pot Puller with Davit and Pulley
Safe-T-Hauler Electric Pot Pullers

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