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Propane Tanks and Lockers by Ragasco USA

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Do you have a Clearview 10 lb Propane Tank?

We are looking for The Ragasco USA Fiberglass Clear View Propane Tank 10# for our boat. Do you have them in stock? If so, could you advise how I can order them? If they are not in stock, could you give me an idea when they might be?

Submitted by: shelby

We apologize but that item is not available at this time (12-15-11), however we do have The Lite Cylinder Company Fiberglass Propane Tank - 10# available.

tank & locker

Can I install the seward #93268 5 lb. locker in a horizonal application?
If not can I have a horizontal valve put on the small bottle?

Submitted by: Mike

No, you cannot use a vertical tank and expect it to work horizontally. The is no easy way to make a horizontal tank from a vertical - there is more to it than switching the valves.

If you need a horizontal tank, you will need to buy one.

Can a propane locker be used in pop up truck campers?

Can these be used in pop up truck campers? How do they vent with the hose? Does there need to be access from the outside?

Submitted by: John K

You can use this for an RV but you will need to cut a whole in the rig for the vent. The hole will be small so should not be a problem.

Can you put a Ragasco Propane tank in the Seward LPG enclosure?

I have the 2.5 gallon Seaward Propane Locker but am missing the properly sized tank. Is it possible to convert this unit to accommodate the composite Ragasco Propane tank you have recently introduced?

Submitted by: mort

The Ragasco 5Kg Clear View Fiberglass Propane Tank which holds approximately 3 gallons should fit in the Seaward propane locker. The Ragasco Propane Tank dimensions are 15.24" Tall and it has a 12" Diameter.

LPG Horizontal tank

I need 1000 gallon LPG Horizontal Tank (16’ x 41’’).


We do not stock Propane tanks that size. That commercial tank is available for residential and commercial use at any large propane supplier.

Submitted by: Lesly Grandin

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