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Boat Batteries

I’m replacing the two 12v. Interstate megaton deep-cycle batteries in my Bayliner 2855 454 M/C. I’m thinking of replacing the start battery with a high 800 cca battery and the accessories battery with another 600 cca deep-cycle. Will this cause any problems when the battery switch is on all?

Submitted by: Joe

Having the higher amps for start is a great idea and the batteries will not have an issue when they are tied together with the switch, just make sure when the engine is turned off you switch to accessory battery only so as not to run your start battery too low.

Battery terminal connection

I’m replacing the Interstate Megatron d/c batteries in my 92 Bayliner 2855 w/ a 454 m/c. My motor manual says to only use batteries with solid tapered posts not to use the wing nut connections. I have mutable leads to the batteries requiring me to use the threaded posts. It seems all marine batteries have both. Why?

Submitted by: joe

The difference is higher resistance with the threaded posts vs the tapered large post thus creating a voltage drop. If possible your engine starter lead should have the large tapered post and the balance of the leads can go on the threaded stud.

brand of battery

It seems every couple of years I need to replace my two batteries for my Malibu. I have an off switch and I disconnect during the off season as well to help.What else should I do to get more life.
I have always been told that interstate was the best way to go, however, it is pricy. What other battery should I look at or if I purchase a battery every year should I just purchase an inexpensive Marine battery

Submitted by: Dan

Unfortunately the average battery life for marine is about 2 years. Interstate does make an exceptional battery and is worth the money. You may want to purchase a small battery tender type trickle charger to keep the batteries fresh this should increase the life of any battery.

batterys losing charge

Replaced dual 12v marine batterys,replaced battery switch,regulator,and starter. Still draing batterys. What else could it be?

Submitted by: ted

Do the battery’s drain if the battery switch is in the off position? If the answer is yes, the only way that can happen is if the battery switch is not disconnected (possible internal problem with the switch) or something is wired directly to the battery.

Marine vs Truck battery

I had two 31 PMHD batteries in my 30 ft Proline w/ twin Mercruiser 200Hp inboard/outbd engines. I just bought two new PMHD’s to replace the old ones and found out that they are truck batteries. Should I have bought the Interstate Marine bats instead. What is the difference? Also does it hurt to have two batteries in parrallel on each motor or in my case four batteries?

Submitted by: cajun

The main difference between the truck batteries purchased and the marine batteries would be the strength of the internal plates. The marine battery is designed to stand up longer under cycling ( the number of times the battery is discharged and charged ), either one will have the power needed for cranking. Having the batteries in parallel is the way to go it will just add to reserve capacity.

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