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Fire Extinguishers by Fireboy Xintex

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Fire suppression

I have a Sea-Fire Model G150A automatic halon 1301 fire suppression/extinguisher sytem on my boat and live in Ontario Canada. The indicator shows recyle. How , where can I get a replacement?

Submitted by: Mur

Contact Sea-Fire for a local replacement.

Sea Fire Model FH 500M

I know that the FH 500M is no longer being manufactured. Is there a source of old inventory that might still have a serviceable replacement FH 500M bottle? Thank you.

Submitted by: Bill

SeaFire offers a cylinder exchange program. You might see if your cylinder is listed. Or, perhaps your cylinder can be up-dated with a newer one that would fit the rest of the system.

Their phone number in the USA is 410-687-5500.

Hope this helps!

Servicing Manual for Sea Fire FM 200 extinguisher

Can you email me the servicing procedures. We are a fire protection company based in the UK.

Submitted by: max

We do not have the Seafire servicing procedures at hand but you can contact the manufacturer directly and they will be able to help.

How do I refill my Sea-Fire Automatic Halon 1301 marine extingguisher

I have a Sea-Fire Automatic halon 1301 marine extingguisher. Can I get it Re charged?


You will need to contact Sea-Fire directly for refilling options. Halon has been phased out.

Submitted by: rick v

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