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Immersion Suits, Survival Suits, Work Suits & Rescue Suits by Viking Life Saving Equipment

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Immersion suits

What is the buoyancy rating on the immerison suit ?

Submitted by: Dave

The buoyancy rating on the 1409 Survival Suits is 22 lbs.

What is the difference between survival suits and immersion suits?

We will build a new jackup rig for the UK owner, and the rig will be used in the UK, Netherlands area sea. So, I want to know the difference between survival suits and immersion suits.

Submitted by: Jack

A Survival Suit is made to get you afloat if you have to abandon ship. It is not made to keep you dry.

An Immersion Suit is used to keep you dry while you are working in cold water.

Rain hood for life jacket cat no.1077

Where to buy one?

Submitted by: Gandry

We have the Stearns Insulated Hood for I077 available.

Do survival suits have a shelf life?

I have 2 survival suits that have never been used

Submitted by: tim magee

There should be no concern. The USCG has the guidelines that a survival suit receives a visual inspection. From what you said, yours would pass a visual inspection.

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