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Anchor Chain by Sea-Dog

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Sea-Dog, Anchor Chain, PVC Coated, White

Sea-Dog, Anchor Chain, PVC Coated, White

Mfr. Sea-Dog

Sea-Dog, Anchor Chain, PVC Coated, White. Forged Steel...
$13.32 - $22.06

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Products: 1 - 1 of 1
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Chain Length To Purchase.

I have a 2005 Searay 320 Sundancer 35’6 LOA. Some people tell me to buy 125’ of chain other’s 150’ What length of chain is recommended for my vessel??

Submitted by: StevenA

The length of chain is related to where you plan to go. If you think there is a chance of deep water moorage requiring up to 150 feet then I would suggest having it available - you do not want to come up short!

anchor chain

What is the size differance between 5/16" HT & BBB ? Will it matter which one being used on a windlass setup for 5/16" ?

Submitted by: Garrett

There is a chain link difference as well as a strength difference in 5/16"HT and 5/16" BBB. You would need to know what you windlass wildcat is set up to handle’ HT or BBB.

What was in it before? How big is the boat? People typically use 5/16" HT to reduce the weight over 3/8" BBB while still keeping the strength.

Chain size - Thick In - L In - W Out - L Out W - Link/ft. - WLL

5/16BBB - .343" - 1.00" - .50" - 1.69 - 1.19 - 12 1900#WLL

5/16HT - .330" - 1.03" - .50" - 1.69 - 1.16 - 11.7 3900#WLL

It really depends how fussy your wildcat is. Some run 5/16" BBB and HT - others will only run what they were designed for. 5/16" chain just happens to be the closest - if it were 3/8", they are entirely different chains where one has 11 links per foot compared to 9.8.

Anchor Chain Length

How is the length of anchor chain determined?

Submitted by: Rob

If you are not running an all chain rode, the typical rule of thumb is 1-2 boat lengths.

If you are anchoring a fair bit, spending nights on the anchor then use 2 times the length of the boat for the chain.

You can save weight by going down one size and using HT (High Test). eg - 1/4" HT instead of 5/16" chain.

windlass chain

I have a 46’ Bertram sportfish weighing approx. 53,000 lb. loaded. My thoughts regards anchor chain are to use at least 5/16 " High Test but probably 3/8 " HT would be better. Any thoughts?

Submitted by: lloyd marsh

The chains that we recommend for your boat 3/8" HT. 5/16" HT (3/8" BBB) is fine for a vessel up to about 28,000#’s.

Cutting a roll of bulk line

Your part number 11855 600 foot spool of 3/8" anchor line is . Can you send me 150’ for ?

Submitted by: Bruce Bennett

This line is sold by the spool only (hence the great price). There is no cutting of that bulk line. We do also sell rope by the foot.

3/8" sold by the foot is Here.

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