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Anchors by Tie Down Engineering

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Quick Set Anchor Kit, 10 Lb Danforth Anchor plus Chain, and Line

Quick Set Anchor Kit, 10 Lb Danforth Anchor plus Chain, and Line

Mfr. Tie Down Engineering | Mfr No. 95090

Anchor Kit 10HQ gets your boat set up with a 10 lb Hooker Quik Set Danforth Anchor and rode of 4 foot by 1/4" galvanized chain and a 100 foot coil of 3/8" nylon line with shackles...

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Tie Down Engineering, Danforth Traditional Standard Anchors

Tie Down Engineering, Danforth Traditional Standard Anchors

Mfr. Tie Down Engineering

Tie Down Engineering, Danforth Traditional Standard Anchor. Have endured over 50 years giving reliable performance...
$23.01 - $107.96

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Products: 1 - 2 of 2
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Anchoring on Sandbar

25’ Cobalt…need to secure stern while hanging out at the sandbar…any spec to know? Seems a small anchor should foot the bill. Any comment, expertise is appreicated…

Submitted by: Rob

Any of the anchors on this page would work well.


Personally, I prefer heavier anchors. I would choose the folding grapnel anchor on that page.

anchor size

I have a 32ft portifino sunseeker what size anchor should I buy??

Submitted by: huskygav

A Bruce/CQR/Delta is probably the best choice for most applications, for your sized boat. For the CQR, a 25 or 30 lb one would work well. Delta would be 22-35 lb, and Bruce about the same as the Delta. Fluke (Danforth) anchor in the 20-24 lb range would be a good choice for sand or mud.

Which boat anchor?

Hi I have a question what boat anchor should I get for a 20 ft pontoon boat. In pretty calm waters. Alum creek in Ohio. I would like to try to keep the cost down.

Submitted by: Ralph

In the situation as described, a small Danforth Anchor would fit the bill and be inexpensive.

Either the 8 or 14 pound.


I’m looking for a product that you added to your anchor line. It’s a big ball with a couple D rings. So you back up and it pulls the anchor to the ball and you just pick up.

Submitted by: Garnet

I believe you are looking for a Mooring Buoy.

Comments (1)

Looking for a Stainless Steel CQR anchor

I owned a 45 feet carver year 2000
my anchor need to be replaced

I think is a CQR type stainless steel.

Submitted by: david

The smallest we have in a Stainless CQR Anchor is 60lb. Your vessel would use a smaller anchor.

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