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Anchoring on Sandbar

25’ Cobalt…need to secure stern while hanging out at the sandbar…any spec to know? Seems a small anchor should foot the bill. Any comment, expertise is appreicated…

Submitted by: Rob

Any of the anchors on this page would work well.


Personally, I prefer heavier anchors. I would choose the folding grapnel anchor on that page.

anchor size

I have a 32ft portifino sunseeker what size anchor should I buy??

Submitted by: huskygav

A Bruce/CQR/Delta is probably the best choice for most applications, for your sized boat. For the CQR, a 25 or 30 lb one would work well. Delta would be 22-35 lb, and Bruce about the same as the Delta. Fluke (Danforth) anchor in the 20-24 lb range would be a good choice for sand or mud.

Which boat anchor?

Hi I have a question what boat anchor should I get for a 20 ft pontoon boat. In pretty calm waters. Alum creek in Ohio. I would like to try to keep the cost down.

Submitted by: Ralph

In the situation as described, a small Danforth Anchor would fit the bill and be inexpensive.

Either the 8 or 14 pound.


I’m looking for a product that you added to your anchor line. It’s a big ball with a couple D rings. So you back up and it pulls the anchor to the ball and you just pick up.

Submitted by: Garnet

I believe you are looking for a Mooring Buoy.

Comments (1)

Looking for a Stainless Steel CQR anchor

I owned a 45 feet carver year 2000
my anchor need to be replaced

I think is a CQR type stainless steel.

Submitted by: david

The smallest we have in a Stainless CQR Anchor is 60lb. Your vessel would use a smaller anchor.

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