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mercruiser charging system

The black box is apparently fried in my 1986 mercruiser 170. Should I replace it or change over to an alternator system?

Submitted by: jim

The water cooled voltage regulator will cost about the same as converting over to a real alternator. Make the change and double the charging amperage.

wiring circuit

I am looking for a wiring circuit diagram for a volvo 140a coil points and condensor and if possible the part numbers.

Submitted by: Derek

Please provide the distributor number, then we should be able to help you.

63 SeaKing Sixty outboard v4 2 stroke

I need a basic motor and run wiring schematic, I try not to turn down anything… I have a form of MD, so using my mind to help a friend for free means alot to Me. GG18808B

Submitted by: Jim

Sorry we do not have any manuals for that engine. Try this link, you may be able to find that information there. Good luck, and best wishes.

Water resistant pass through for cable

I am looking for a fitting that can go into a drilled hole like through a bulkhead that allows for wiring to pass through but is water resistant or proof. I know I have seen such a thing but darned if I know what to call it so I can find it.

Submitted by: joe

They are called a cable gland.

In the marine industry, the common term is Cable Outlet.

I am looking for a shifter switch located inside the throttle assembly for a 1972 Mirror craft

I am looking for a shifter switch located inside the throttle assembly for a 1972 Mirror craft. It has the original 100hp johnson outboard on it. This is a small part about the size of a half dollar. Any ideas?


You will need to contact a vintage Johnson dealer for that part.

Submitted by: Chris

We don’t have that part, but check out this link, you may be able to find that part there.

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