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Toggle and Rocker Switches for Boats by Perko

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Marine Toggle Switchers

Which toggle switch brand would you recommend for boats. I am restoring a 18 foot CC and need to replace 5 toggle switches but the local costs are around -20 each. I saw illuminated brands much cheaper on your website but I don’t know if the quality is suitable for marine applications. Thank you.

Submitted by: mike

All of our switches are from marine industry manufacturers. For the most waterproof applications you will want to add a waterproof cap to the switch. These caps are available from Sea-Dog Line, Blue Sea System and Cole Hersee.

You can look over our selection of Toggle and Rocker Switches to match up what is on your boat or meets your needs and desires for a refit.

What is the correct method of removing/replacing Contura rocker switches in a panel?

What is the correct method of removing/replacing Contura Rocker Switches in a panel?

Submitted by: Mike

On the back of the switch are two tabs you pinch and push the switch out the front side of the panel.

What does SPDT on rocker switches mean?

What does SPDT mean? The Water Resistant Contura Rocker Switches look the same but cost a little more.

Submitted by: clayton

SPDT means Single Pole Double Throw. Depending on the switch you need, they generally have an ON/OFF/ON action for 2 different circuits. Sometimes used as a changeover switch, one input is switched between two outputs. (or either of two inputs switched to one output). Some of the rocker switches have a momentary-on position on one or both switch directions.

Item 16534

Is Item 16534 maintained or momentary contact?



This is a maintained contact switch.

Submitted by: Mike

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