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Marine Toilets by Groco

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Groco HF Manual Marine Head, Bronze Base

Groco HF Manual Marine Head, Bronze Base

Mfr. Groco | Mfr No. HF-B

All GROCO toilets are designed and build for installation above or below the level of the holding tank, treatment system, or outside waterline...

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Siphon valve

Hi, I have a problem with the anti siphon valve on a designer toilet model 37075-0012. Water sometimes floods over the top of the valve causing minor flooding but now worse the solenoid valve seems to be staying open causing the bowl to fill and overflow. I have had to disconnect the water supply. I see there is a repair kit 37010 which I will need to replace the motor seal which is leaking. Is this the correct kit for my toilet? I’m also not seeing a part number for the solenoid switch and anti siphon valve? I would love to get hold of these parts but want to make sure I order the right ones.


Submitted by: kadelbach

Re jabsco toilet 37010

I wrote earlier about the drainage problem. Tried opening the screw top to pump out and tried flushing. Still the same result. Thought it might possibly be a vent problem. The water sits in bowl and after some time the water drains out. Read some where about a joker valve, what is it? Also of impeller in macerator is this possibly the problem. What is the solution?

Submitted by: carefree1

The service kit given earlier has the joker valve in it, that is why I suggested it, still a good place to start. We have the macerator / pump / motor assembly as well.

Electric toilet pumping water not flushing

I have a jabsco 37010 electric toilet. When you push button to flush it is pumping in water but not draining. It will drain on its’ own after some time. I have disconnected the drain hose to the holding tank and put the water through with the hose and had no clogs. Macerater is pumping water in but not out.

Submitted by: bill

Unfortunately we do not have any idea specifically, but it could be some sort of a clog or worn parts. I would recommend taking the toilet apart and see if anything is noticeably inoperable. This service kit will allow reassembly.

Porta potty for pontoon boat

I would like to get a porta potty for my pontoon boat. I want the easiest possible to empty and clean. And, I don’t want to mount it to the boat. What would you recommend?

Submitted by: Trish

We have a number of Porta-Potti’s available but the link below is a great all around basic unit. Porta Potti

replacing a jabsco marine head

I have a new Jabsco twist-n-lock toilet to replace an ancient jabsco orginal to my 1983 Catalina 30. I have a holding tank.
I have the instructions for install, but I need to know what to do to remove the old toilet and not have a mess backflowing from the holding tank?

Submitted by: Marge

Your instructions should answer your question but if not, follow the link provided. The answer depends on whether your toilet rim is above or below the holding tank. See page 4 and figure 3 of the Jabsco Installation Instructions.

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