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Boat Steering Wheels by Hynautic / SeaStar Solutions

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Teleflex Morse SW59201P 13.5" Champion Wheel w/ Center Cover

Teleflex Morse SW59201P 13.5" Champion Wheel w/ Center Cover

Mfr. Hynautic / SeaStar Solutions | Mfr No. SW59201P

Teleflex Morse SW59201P 13.5" Champion Wheel w/ Center Cover. Steering Wheels for Helms...

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Products: 1 - 1 of 1
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Boat Steering WheelUpdate your boat with a sleek, eye-catching new wheel. Go2marine carries a large selection of boat steering wheels to compliment Cutty Cabins, Cruisers, Runabouts, Yawls, Schooners and more. Go2marine carries many different types boat steering wheels including, Destroyer Boat Wheels, Wooden-Spoke Wheels, and Sailboat Wheels.
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Steering wheel

I need a new steering wheel. What size should I use? Or what are the advantages of a smaller or larger diameter. I have a Shamrock inboard straight shaft.

Submitted by: Jim

Depending on what shaft you have, you listed straight shaft so that means you have a 1" straight shaft and that makes the steering hydraulic. If this is your steering system the wheel is up to you other than ergonomics and personal preference there are no real parameters other than space. In other words get what would fit the best for your particular needs.

how far inside of the outer wheel will the hub be? Understanding wheel dish.

The description indicates this wheel has a 10 degree dish, how far inside of the outer wheel will the hub be, in inches? I need about 2.5

Submitted by: Tim

Understanding wheel dish..

10 degree dish = 2.12" at 12r (24") wheel.
Here is a Right Triangle Angle And Side Calculator.

Side b is 12 - angle A is 10 resultant a is 2.12
This will work for figuring out any wheel dish as long as you know degrees of dish and the radius (1/2 of the diameter) of the wheel.

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