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Yanmar 2GM Diesel engine...

How do I clear the air out of the fuel lines after draining and replacing old diesel fuel?

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You will need to prime the system either by vacuum pump or gravity. Some engines have a pump at or near the filter for this purpose. It might be a good idea to pick a Seloc Manual.

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Peugeot-Indenor Marine Engine

I am considering buying a boat that has a Peugeot-Indenor X6M88A or……AL 6 cylinder engine of the 70s & 80s.

I am trying to assess the availability of spares or the possibility of having parts overhauled. Would you be able to supply a starter motor for this engine?

It is possible that this engine is the same as a Volvo Penta engine possibly the AQD 32 would you be able to confirm this?

Submitted by: David Hall

We will have little to no knowledge of that engine and parts will be very difficult to obtain unless you can find a Peugeot Marine dealer.

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turbo charger lag in Volvo Penta

Could a clogged air cooler cause this problem?

Submitted by: JERRY

Yes, being that turbochargers are so sensitive to air flow and especially loads.

To fully understand turbo lag, you must first understand the operation principles behind what causes a turbo to make boost. Like most forced induction systems, boost is not made by rpm alone. There is a big difference in the airflow through an engine at 6000 rpm in neutral, 6000 rpm in first gear at part throttle, and 6000 rpm in high gear at full throttle. Turbochargers are even more effected by these airflow differences and especially load differences than most other devices. This is why you may be able to see a small amount of boost with a positive displacement supercharger at WOT in neutral but you will most likely not even see zero inches of vacuum at WOT in neutral with a turbocharger.

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