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I have a 2001 fresh water cooled Merc 5.7 I/O. The coolant reservior is low and I don’t know what type of coolant I add?

Submitted by: Craig

Standard Prestone will work fine for you.

water circulating pump leak

I have a 1988 Regal Sebring 3.7liter 4cylinder with a leak coming out of pin hole on the bottom of the water circulating pump. Will changing the seals in the pump stop the leak?

Submitted by: vchillpill

Yes, the pump is serviceable not replaceable.

Relay and circuit breaker assembly

Is there some way to test the trim and tilt breaker assembly for an OMC Cobra? The tilt / trim motor works fine when a jumper wire is connected to the blue or green wires.

Submitted by: Carol

Test power in and test power out when hitting the switch.

alpha 1 leg

My alpha one drive stopped, and I am looking for a replacement. I have a Bayliner 25’ do you have a complete Alpha noe drive that will fit on to my Motor? The motor is a Mercruiser 357 MAG 5.7 LT, and I have only had it since December 2010.
I had it modified it to suit the Alpha 1 leg, this involve a shift plate & engine coupling replacement. I have an in floor water intake, so I will need the full fitting kit and a full set of anode for the leg to.

Can I please have a price of the above with shipping to Brisbane Airport and I will have it shipped to me. Can I pay on-line?

Submitted by: Les

We have a fantastic deal on new drives. You did not specify what year the drive is so here is the Alpha One Gen 1 - this is the drive up to 1990. Once we figure out what you need we will obtain a freight quote for you.

Exhaust Manifold

Hello, I have a 2006 Regal and I cracked my exhaust manifold so now that I’ve purchased a new one, I’d like to know if there is a "how to replace" it manual and also do I need a special type of gasket sealer?

Submitted by: Slade

Exhaust manifolds are not complicated they are considered a remove and replace item, that means you put it back together the reverse of taking it off. Do not use any gasket sealer between the manifold and head gasket but a small amount of pliable sealer such as RTV Blue can be used between the manifold and riser being careful not to plug any of the water jackets in the process. If both mating surfaces are smooth and clean you do not need any sealer at all. The manifolds are not necessary to torque just make sure they are good and snug.

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