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Shaft Seals, Couplings, & Parts by Morse Marine Bearings

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Brass Marine Bearings for Shafts

Brass Marine Bearings for Shafts

Mfr. Morse Marine Bearings

Pollution-Free Naval Brass Marine Bearings to protect your boat and the water she plies. Clean brass sleeve with oil resistant rubber shaft cushions shaft, installs in minutes, lasts for years...
$53.72 - $274.97

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Products: 1 - 1 of 1
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The Lasdrop Dryseal dripless shaft seal do they work well?

The Lasdrop Dryseal dripless shaft seal do they work well? I have a 1987 Aqua Sport 29ft with the old style stuffing boxes my shafts are in good shape. If you have the swop I would like to here some feed back. This is for recreational use.

Submitted by: Dan

Lasdrop Dripless Shaft Seals are great. Don’t know why all new boats don’t come with them. No more damp stinky bilges. Zero maintenance.

Packing gland

I have hunter 27,1990. Packing glang is neoprene White,plastic in appearance. Packing gland started leaking last season and upon inspection did not find any packing in the housing. Someone told me some of these were compressin type fittings. Is this true? If so how can one tell? If it had packing material in it I should have found some remaining in the gland housing. Can you give me information on these types of devices, name brands,parts sources etc.


You have two main choices in a system.
1. A traditional stuffing box, with packing
Replacement Packing.

2. Dripless Shaft Seals
There are really only 2 main manufacturers of these - Lasdrop and PYI

Take a look at the pictures of the products and you should be able to identify your’s. It is entirely possible for almost no packing to be in your box.

Submitted by: Joseph

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