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Electrical Wire & Wiring Supplies for Boats by Lear Chemical Research Corporation

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Corrosion Block Anti-Corrosion Cleaner and Protectant

Corrosion Block Anti-Corrosion Cleaner and Protectant

Mfr. Lear Chemical Research Corporation | Mfr No. 20012

Corrosion Block keeps your boat running smooth and reduces maintenance costs as it cleans and eliminates saltwater corrosion then provides a non-toxic, non-greasy atmospheric barrier...

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Wire Corrosion

My friend is telling me that electricity mainly travels along the outside surface of a wire. This is very hard be believe….why would electrons not move thoughout the complete cross section of a wire. Thus corrosion on the outer surface of a single strand wire could potentially cut of the flow of electricity.
Is this baloney or what??

Submitted by: Steve

It depends on what type of electric current you are talking of.

In case of AC current,the inductance decreases from center towards the surface of the wire. As current flows through the path of least resistance, it flows through the surface of the wire which provides path of least Reactance. This phenomena where current flows through the surface due to least reactance is known as "Skin effect".

While in case of DC current the inductance part is missing as there is no change in flux with respect to time. So the resistance is same through out the conductor. Hence DC current flows through out the wire cross-section.

If,you visit any power GRID you’ll see the bus bars are hollow. This is because current flows through the outer surface so bars are kept hollow to carry same current, avoiding material wastage.

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