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Windlasses, Electrical Anchor Windlass by Lighthouse Anchor Windlass Manufacturing

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Powerwinch series

I understand the Freefall series size 31, 36, and 41 all use a 200W motor and the 46 a 600W. I have a C&C32 and am tending towards the 36 given wt of my ground tackle. I appreciate the benefits of a smaller motor in terms of running 8 or 6 gauge wire vice 1/0 for other windlasses, but I am concerned about the motor size compared to most other systems at 800 or 1000 W. Don’t suppose the Power winch is installed on any new fleets where I could find some feedback? What has your experience been with returns/operation vice Anchor lift, Lewmar, Maxwell, etc. I see the Power winch has a two gear system, haven’t checked the others yet.

Submitted by: Rick

We have sold multiple Powerwinch freefall windlasses and have not had any returns since 2009. Maybe even further back, but we installed a new computer system that year and no longer have those records.

You can also get the 6 gauge wire for the P77746. Click on the "Manual" PDF at the bottom of this page for full installation instructions.

Lighthouse 1501 Windlass

I’m trying to figure out why you have pictures of a 1501 windlass with 1 drum and 1 gypsie config. and at the bottom of your page you have a 2G and 2D config. Which is which? they are both called 1501s. I am looking for a 2G and 1or2 D config. Also would like more specs like the width of such a unit.

Submitted by: Danny

The windlass model is the 1501. It is available in 4 power options and 200+ chain rope configurations.

Here is the 12 Volt Lighthouse, the most popular power option.
Use the drop down at the right and you will be able to select the options you want. You get to build the windlass how you want, for your application.

As for size, here is an example; if you are wanting a 1501 with chain and rope, both sides, with the gypsy for 7/16 (biggest chain), it will be over 24" wide.

Simpson Lawrence Horizon emergency recovery kit?

I have a Simpson Lawrence Horizon 600/900 anchor windlass and would like to purchase the emergency recovery kit 6054090 (handle and nut) new-old-stock or second hand, please


That part is not available.

Submitted by: PETER

Need an Electric anchor windlass for Hunter 33' Sail Boat

Please advice I am looking for an electric anchor windlass for my Hunter 33’ sailboat.


Please reveiw our Quick Windlass section and they have proven to be an excellent unit, both in performance and reliability.

The Genus 600 series is probably the best choice of all. We have sold many of these to sailboat owners, and they have been highly satisfied.

Submitted by: ediardo

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