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2000 Bravo III zinc anode

Where is the anode kit for 2000 Bravo III?

Submitted by: Michael

Here is the Aluminum Anode Kit for your application.

It sounds like they should be changed out every two years is that a good assumption?

I want to thank you for the explaination of what anodes are and how they protect stern drives and other metal parts of our boats.
It sounds like they should be changed out every two years is that a good assumption?

Submitted by: pappy

’Normal’ zincs should be replaced when they start looking pitted / rotten. If a boat sits full time in salt water in a ’hot’ marine, that might mean 2 months. It a boat is used only in mountain fresh water (like my dad’s was), then 20 years or more!

The loss of material is the real way to tell. Performance metals added the red dot system to help people with a wear indicator. Look at your anodes and judge the condition. If they are grey and have not been in the water for a while, scuff them with a scrub pad to make them shiny. Just like corroded electrical wire, cleaning it up makes for a better electrical contact. Better electrical contact with the anode to the engine and water means it will do the job better.

Anodes lasting only 2 months

Have 92 Yanmar GM 30 in Island Packet sailboat 32 ft. Located on Chesapeake Bay, Virginia. Zinc’s- 2 donut on shaft last 2 months. What do you have that would extend life while maintaining protection?
Have neighbor with same problem…same boat. Had all grounding connections checked.

Submitted by: Bill

Do you have a zinc plate mounted to the transom? If not, adding one will help by bonding to the engine and shafts inside the boat.

Performance metals

I need part numbers for a u-shaped and trim tab anode, for a Yamaha F150TXRD 2005 outboard.

Submitted by: mark

We do have Anodes available for that engine.

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