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Boat Rub Rail Selector by Make

Use Taco Metals' factory replacement guide to locate the new rub rails for your boat. Simply select your make of boat & use the rail profile to find the one you want. You may need both rails & inserts for your boat make. Some rails are available as kits & rail end caps are available to give your project a finished look!

How much rub rail do you need for your boat?
There are two ways to determine how much rub rail you will need to purchase.
  1. One is to measure the amount already on your boat & add ten feet (10')
  2. The other is to measure the length & width of your boat, double this amount & add ten feet (10')
In either case the added 10' allows for some trial & error
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Rub Rail Selector

Why are World Cat boats not listed in selector?

Submitted by: Jake

Below is the link to our website for the rub rail options we have for World Class Catamarans.

World Class Catamaran - Boat Rub Rails

Do you have rub rail for 1973 cobalt

Looking for rub rai for 1973 18" trihull Cobalt. 1.25" channel.

Submitted by: Mike

Unfortunately you will need to visually match the Rub Rail to something on the site we do not have a listing for a boat that old.

2007 Tracker Avalanche

I have a 2007 Tracker Avalanche and would like to replace the rub rail in the near future, any idea who made the rub rail for this boat?

Submitted by: rick

You will need to check our Rub Rail and see if anything matches, we do not have a specific listing for your boat. You will need to match it with something available.

Boat rub rails for a 1990 Malibu Skier

I have a 1990 Malibu Skier where or who do I see to purchase boat rub rails

Submitted by: joe

We have a variety of Rub Rails available, unfortunately we do not have a listing that is specific to your boat so you will need to match it with something on the site.

Do you stock tan vinyl rub rail?

I am trying to find rub rail for a 1997 Lund 1700 Pro Angler SS. It has tan rub rails, but one of them has a short overhang and the other side is longer. I don’t see a part in your catalog that matches.

Submitted by: Brian

You will need to search Taco Metal’s Library of Products. When you find a suitable rub rail profile, you can select it and then the Available Colors will be displayed. If you find a suitable rub rail, we will be happy to contact Taco for you.

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