Choosing Your Windlass

Whether you own an aluminium or fiberglass boat, EZ ANCHOR Puller drum anchor winches are compact enough to fit in tight spaces and made with all 316 stainless steel components so you can easily mount them above deck or below.


The drum anchor winch is a hands-free, cleat-free, nothing to jam anchoring solution that can spool various configurations and sizes of anchor rope and does not need to be tied off to a cleat when anchored.Unlike other types of anchor retrieval systems that deposit your rope and chain into a rope locker underneath the deck, E-Z Anchor Puller drum anchor winches spool all of your rode neatly onto a drum. From the Hero Series pontoon anchoring solutions on freshwater lakes and rivers, to the REBEL Free-Fall series when fast anchor deployment is critical in deep coastal saltwater, there is an EZ ANCHOR Puller for every application!


There are many advantages to using a drum winch system, including ease of installation, fast anchor drop and retrieval speeds, and the ability to use your own rope rather than a specific style and size sold by the winch’s manufacturer.


When mounting the anchor winch on the boat, you must have a flat bow roller protruding 12" to 16" out over the bow of the boat: this will allow the line to wander back and forth which helps the line wind level on the drum. Place the anchor winch as far aft as you can, approximately 24” to 30” or more from the flat roller.