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CoverTuff Custom Boat Lift Canopy Covers

Go2marine carries replacement Boat Lift Canopy Covers custom made to fit many manufacturers lifts. These covers are essential for protecting your boat from the potentially destructive effects of sun and rain. A new cover can also dramatically improve your homes appearance from the water.


CoverTuff knows what canopy covers are exposed to. These canopy covers are built tough to help withstand the punishment of the outdoors and provide years of protection for your boat.

Maximum Leak Resistance - Cover Tuff boat lift canopies feature seams that are stitched from the underside of the canopy to reduce leak potential. UV resistant and rot-proof thread used throughout canopy and all seams are 4-ply. Vinyl canopies have welded top seams, Harbor Time & SeaMark fabrics are sewn with a top stitch and / or double needle seams depending on the location of the panel.

Exceptional Fit & Finish - C.A.D. designed patterns are used for each canopy frame for a custom fit. Design features include corner seams that line up with side seams for a superior fit and clean appearance. Scallop trim is reinforced with zigzag stitching for secure attachment.

Easy to Install - CoverTuff canopies ship with all necessary mounting hardware and detailed installation instructions. Secure installation is assured through the use of bungee cords that affix to the framework. Depending on model, there will either be individual bungee cords or a continuous bungee cord that tethers to the frame. CoverTuff canopies for Shore Station lifts come with instructions for both old and new style lift installation.

How to Measure Your Boat Lift for a Canopy

Since CoverTuff Boat Lift Canopies are custom built for each specific make and model (and in many cases are non-returnable) it is essential that the correct cover be ordered. If, after following the measuring and identification instructions below, there are any questions regarding the fit, please contact us. We may be able to hlep determine the make and model with a picture or further information.

How to Measure Your Shore Station Aluminum Frame Boat Lift for a Canopy

  1. Width - Measure the inside width of the bottom of the frame in inches - this is the width
  2. Length - Measure the length of the canopy side rail, do not include the ends, and add two feet - this equals the overall length
  • Example:
  • Inside Width = 108"
  • Side tube measures 20', overall length = 22'
  • Canopy Size = 22' x 108"

How to Measure Your Shore Station Steel Frame Boat Lift for a Canopy

  1. Width - Measure the inside width of the bottom of the frame in inches - this is the width
  2. Length - Count the loose ribs of the frame, do not include the ends, the number of frame ribs correlates with a specific length, refer to chart below
Ribs Overall Length
7 19'
8 21'
9 23'
10 25'
  • Inside width = 98"
  • 8 Loose Ribs = 21'
  • Canopy size = 21' x 98

How to Measure for Hewitt, Newmans and other Boat Lift Manufacturers

In many cases, the model number of the lift will be on the boat lift or an identity tag may still be attached to the old canopy. Use the following instructions if there are no longer any identifying tags on the lift.
  1. Width - Measure the width inside the frame of the canopy (not outside of the framework)
  2. Length - Measure right down the center of the canopy frame on a straight flat plane

Fabric Care

All of the CoverTuff materials can be cleaned with a mild soap and warm water solution. Care must be taken not to scrub too hard in any one spot to prevent removal of water repellent finish. NEVER store away the canopy when wet, these must always be stored away dry to prevent mildew and mold.

Warranty Information


ShoreMaster Fabric Inc. warrants that each of its boat covers is made of top quality materials and workmanship and is free from defects at the time of manufacture. This limited warranty applies to defects in material and workmanship only.

Normal use, weathering and stains from environmental pollution are not covered under this warranty.

This warranty does not cover damage to boat cover or boat in any form from use of this boat cover including but not limited to the following acts: misuse, abuse, neglect, improper boat protection, accidents or acts of God. Regardless of damage the factory will repair or replace, at its discretion the product free of charge provided the customer prepays freight to and from factory.

If minor repairs can return the product to functional use it will be reworked at no charge. If the product is beyond repair the cost of replacement will be determined by subtracting the residual value of the product from the suggested retail price of the new item.

Damage to canopies, covers and bimini tops not covered by warranty:

  • Tears or rips caused by not padding sharp or obtrusive object
  • Tears or rips caused by improper securing of boat cover to boat and/or trailer during transportation
  • Tears or rips caused by improper use such as but not limited to transporting with the top up and driving the boat with the top up
  • Frame damage from modifying it's original design/structure
  • Allowing water, snow & ice to pool in cover
  • Discoloring or fabric desecration from foreign objects and chemicals (including tree saps, petroleum products, bird and animal droppings)
  • Mold and/or mildew caused by storage of wet product
  • Acts of God
Warranty Terms:

CoverTuff Canopies warrant to the original purchaser of a CoverTuff Canopy, utilized as a boat lift canopy, when properly installed, will remain in good visual condition for a minimum period of five years, without failure due to excessive fading or rupture, subject to the following terms, provisions and conditions:

A CoverTuff Canopy shall be deemed to have failed due to excessive fading only in the event that during the first five years following the date of shipment from Shoremaster Fabric Products, it should fade to such an extent that it can no longer fulfill it's intended advertising, decorative, or identifying role when viewed from a normal distance.

In the event of CoverTuff Canopy suffering failure as defined in this warranty, during the first three years following the date of shipment, Shoremaster Fabric will supply a duplicate canopy in exchange for the canopy which is deemed to have failed.

In the event of failure during the fourth year following the date of shipment, Shoremaster Fabric will supply a replacement canopy at the then prevailing price, less a rebate of 40% of the said price.

In the event of failure during the fifth year following the date of shipment, Shoremaster Fabric will supply a replacement canopy at the then prevailing price, less a rebate of 20% of the said price.

In addition to visual characteristics, a CoverTuff Canopy is also warranted to meet (within industry accepted tolerances) our stated product specification in effect at the time of purchase. Failure which can be attributed to improper installation of the canopy, or to distortion of the framework upon which the CoverTuff Canopy is mounted, is not covered by this warranty. No rebate or replacement will be made for any canopy subsequent to the five year period covered by this warranty, or at any time for damage resulting from negligence, vandalism, or chemically induced degradation.

The foregoing constitutes Shoremaster Fabric Products, sole warranty with respect to CoverTuff Canopies, and all other representation, warranties, guarantees or conditions, be they expressed, implied, and tacit, are hereby excluded. The liability of Shoremaster Fabric Products hereunder is limited to replacement and/or rebate as aforesaid and in no event shall Shoremaster Fabric be liable for consequential or special damages of any type whatsoever.

If for some reason there is a problem, the factory will make every effort to correct the problem. If order is received in error or defective upon arrival the factory will reimburse the freight provided the product is returned immediately upon recognition of error.

ShoreMaster Fabric will not accept returns without proper authorization from the factory.

All refunds will be issued to the credit card originally used for purchase and can take up to 3 weeks.