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  1. Select the table below that contains the correct horsepower of your engine. In the rows below your engine's HP, confirm the HP/model and year of your engine.

  2. Use the "Boat Length/Description" column to locate your boat's length, and the boat use that best describes your vessel usage.

  3. Once this is determined, read across the table to obtain the "Diameter, Rotation & Pitch" of the recommended propeller for your application.

  4. To view the propeller pricing, click the "Mfr#" link for the propeller (usually listed on the right-hand side of the table).

NOTE: Often two or more pitch sizes are listed for a given Boat Length. The higher the pitch, the more top speed potential, but less power for acceleration. The lower the pitch, the less top speed potential but more power for acceleration.

This is a "general" application guideline for determining the appropriate propeller size for your vessel. Performance characteristics may vary due to the many kinds of boats, hull styles, loads and style of boating.


75-150HP - Dual Exhaust Units
Propeller Series B (4-1/4" Gearcase)
Engines - Model & Year
75-150HP (1995-Present)
Propeller Application
Diameter & Pitch Blade# Vortex RH XHS™ Kit#
13-3/4" x 15" 3 992103 Use XHS™ Hub Kit 102
13-1/4" x 17" 3 992104
13" x 19" 3 992105
12-3/4" x 21" 3 992106
Use Gearcase Adapter Ring supplied with propeller
Propeller and Hub sold separately. Vortex™ Series propellers must be used with Michigan Wheel XHS™ hub system or Mercury Flo-Torq® hub system.