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Weems and Plath, Weather and Navigation Instruments

The Weems & Plath tradition dates back over 100 years. From finely crafted mechanical clocks to precision marine navigation instruments, Weems & Plath is steeped in a history of finely crafted equipment. A lively and varied history of development is evident in such varied equipment as sextants, binoculars, electronic instruments, navigation sets, lamps, bells and compasses. Weems & Plath offer fine gift items as well as beautiful, usable instruments for your boat, home or office.

Weems And Plath Clocks Mechanical and Quartz

Weems And Plath Clocks   Mechanical and Quartz

Weems & Plath build quality mechanical and battery power clocks for use in the marine environment aboard your boat, at home and in the office. Cases are constructed of quality materials and finish; including forged brass, polished and lacquered or forged brass, chrome plated and polished.

Weems And Plath Clocks   Mechanical and Quartz

Weems and Plath Company History

Captain Phillip Van Horn Weems, US Navy (Ret.)

Captain Phillip Van Horn WeemsBorn in 1889 of humble beginnings and as an orphan, Weems graduated from the Naval Academy in 1912, specializing in navigation. Due to Weems interest in aviation navigation, and later space navigation, Weems was always trying to simplify the process to help cope with faster craft. By 1928, Weems took a month’s leave from the Navy and taught celestial navigation to Charles A. Lindbergh before his solo flight.

Captain Philip Van Horn Weems was instrumental in revolutionizing modern navigation and was an active participant in navigational advances from the time of his sailing cruise aboard the USS Hartford in 1909 to his patent in 1961 of the space navigation sphere. Captain Weems career milestones spanned navigation techniques on water, in the air, underwater and in space.

Milestones of Capt. Weems include:

  • In 1919, while on board a station tracking ship, witnessed the challenge of the first transatlantic flight.
  • He was on the Olympic wrestling team in Antwerp in 1920.
  • Teaching navigation to Fred Noonan, Chief Navigator for Pan Am – disappeared with Amelia Earhart.
  • Retired in 1933 with the rank of Commander.
  • Weems was recalled after the outbreak of WWII, as a Convoy Commodore, retiring once more at the end of the war.
  • Invented the second setting watch, accurately setting of the second hand of a wrist watch.
  • In 1948, Weems flew to the North Pole and in 1950 flew around the world.
  • Modified sextant to operate independent of horizon.
  • Proportional Dividers (1953),
  • Developed highly accurate speed-time-distance computer.
  • Pioneered underwater navigation for mapping wrecks and salvage.
  • Mapping Port Royal, published 1960 National Geographic.
  • Teaching, designing space navigation for US space program as NASA was formed.
  • In 1961 he is the oldest recalled naval officer in history, at age 72.
  • Weems continued to contribute to ocean, air and space navigation, until passing away in 1979 at 90.


Carl Plath

The C-Plath instrument manufacturer in Hamburg Germany built some of the finest nautical instruments and sextants available in the late 1800’s – 1900’s. The first Gyrocompass installed on a commercial vessel was developed by Plath in 1913. Weems school for navigation utilized Plath instruments, ultimately becoming the North American source for C. Plath’s fine instruments.

Weather Instruments - Hygrometers / Thermometers / Barometers

weems and plath hygrometers, clocks, barometers, hygrometers Weems & Plath supply the three original weather instruments, essential for following local weather or for just monitoring inside of your home. A hygrometer measures the relative humidity in the air, a thermometer measures the temperature and a barometer measures the barometric pressure. Follow the rising and falling of barometric pressure and humidity to predict weather at your home or boat.
Weems and Plath Clinometers

Weems and Plath Clinometers

Weems and Plath Clinometers Weems & Plath offer clinometers so that you can tell how far you are heeled over, more effectively adjust your sails or to see how much a vessel is rolling. Weatherproof construction and the absence of fluid or bubble ensure superior performance in temperature extremes.

Weems and Plath Clinometers

Weems and Plath Comfortmeter - Thermometer / Hygrometer Combined

Weems and Plath Comfortmeter - Thermometer / Hygrometer Combined Weems & Plath Comfort Meters are a combination instrument, indicating both temperature and humidity. Calibration and positioning of hands are designed to indicate perfect comfort conditions in room atmosphere, when both hands cross in a limited area of the dial, which is the “comfort” zone.

Weems and Plath Comfortmeter - Thermometer / Hygrometer Combined

Weems and Plath Navigation Instruments and Chart Tools

Weems & Plath, Charting Tools, LED Light Divider / Compass Weems & Plath has a 100 year tradition of the finest and largest selection of navigation tools for the traditional navigator. Go2marine carries a wide range of dividers, plotting tools, writing instruments and navigation sets from Weems & Plath. Navigation tools, from traditional dividers to LED light dividers to Parallel rulers and plotters for all navigators.

 Weems and Plath Navigation Instruments and Chart Tools