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Dickinson Newport Propane Boat Heater / Fireplace, P12000

Dickinson Marine, Newport P12000 Propane (LPG) Cabin Heater / Fireplace

Dickinson's Newport P12000 Propane Cabin Heater/Fireplace warms 30 to 36 foot boats with the efficient use of LPG and can easily be used in tiny homes, ice fishing hut or other area up to 1100 CUFT of space. Dickinson builds the P12000 so holds up in harsh marine environments while the built-in blower circulates warmth to eliminate cold spots. The Newport P12000 includes with a stainless steel backing plate, 28 inches of flexible stainless chimney and the deck fitting cap.

  • Compact design, with attractive appearance, made of 304 stainless steel.
  • Bulkhead mount with large ceramic glass viewing window and safety screen.
  • Unaffected by motion, winds or weather conditions.
  • Safe, manual ignition with variable heat output and excellent thermal efficiency.
  • Low fuel consumption.
  • Limited one year manufacturer's warranty on workmanship and materials.

To complete your Newport Heater installation you need the following items:
If there is one propane appliance:

If there are two propane appliances: If there are three propane appliances:
  • 19-162: Two Stage Regulator
  • 19-152: Fittings Kit
  • 19-165: 2 Appliance Fitting & Shut-off Kit
  • 19-167: 3rd Appliance Add-on Fittings with Shut-off
  • 19-100-10: 10ft Hose, x3

The Newport P12000 Propane Boat Heater makes a superb boat or tiny home Fireplace. It's unique compact design prevents oxygen depletion or combustion gas emissions. The Newport's safe manual ignition and large glass viewing area make it a great addition to all vessels. The economical P12000 uses low pressure propane, with fuel consumption varying from 1 lb bottle/5.5 hrs to 1 lb bottle/3.9 hrs.

The Newport P12000 comes with:

  • 12 volt DC blower fan
  • 28" (70cm) Direct Vent Pipe Kit
    • 1-1/2" diameter (37.5mm) Inner S/S Pipe
    • 2-1/2" diameter (62.5mm) Outer S/S Pipe
  • 4 spacer springs, installed inside pipe
  • Stainless Steel Double Direct Vent Flue Cap
  • Sealing Gasket
  • Inner Dress Ring
  • Mounting screws
  • Stainless Steel Wall Mount Backing Plate
  • Approximate cubic footage this unit will heat based on an average climate it’s installed in, the altitude being sea level and a well insulated area is 12’ x 12’ x 8’ = 1100 cuft.

    Fuel Consumption:

    • 1 lb - 5.5 hrs
    • 20 lb - 110 hrs LOW
    • 1 lb - 3.9 hrs
    • 20 lb - 78 hrs HIGH
    Mounting Backplate: W 9.875" D 0.650" H 23"
    Heat Output:
    • Low: 4,000 BTU
    • High: 5,500 BTU

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Product Details
  • Mfr. Dickinson Marine
  • Part No. 78148
  • Mfr No. 00-NEW-P12000
  • Unit: Each
  • List Price $989.44
Product Attributes
  • Width: 10"
  • Depth: 71/4"
  • Height: 16"
  • Flue Size: 2-1/2" dia x ~30"
  • Weight: 22 lbs
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Review and FAQ Center

Use in a house?

I’d like to use one of these to heat a bedroom in a house. My question is how long can the vent pipe be? Can I vent it through a roof? I ask because there is a problem with some direct vent gas appliances if the vent pipe becomes too long. It makes the draft too strong and blows out the flame.

Submitted by: Robert

The max vent for this boat heater is 56" so you will probably need to vent it through the side of the wall.

Natural Gas

Do you sell any of the Dickinson heaters that burn natural gas - I’m thinking the more BTUs the better? I want to put one in a 8 x 40 trailer that we keep on near Lake Erie.

Submitted by: Bruce Robertson

I just found out that it is possible to use natural gas with the Dickinson P9000 and P12000 units but the unit’s orifice needs to be drilled for natural gas. Once you know the pressure your natural gas is being regulated to, they can drill the orifice accordingly. It takes about an hour to do the conversion so it would add aprox. 100.00 to the price of the heater.

Ask your natural gas supplier the delievery pressure of the gas supplied to your trailer, and let us know this before you order your new heater!

Dickinson Newport P12000...

Can you power the 12 volt fan with a converter that you plug into a 110 volt outlet in your rv? I bought the P12000 from you last month and I am installing it in a tiny house on a trailer. I am wired for 110v. Radio shack sells a transformer/converter they say I can hard wire to the internal fan and plug it into an outlet. Is this correct does is there one made for the Newport?

Submitted by: Jeremy

Any Power adapter will work for the Newport stove blower motor. Dickinson does not manufacture a 12 volt adapter specifically for their DC blower motors.


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