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Vented Boat Cover Support Pole

Vented Boat Cover Support Pole

Mfr. Westland

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The Vented Boat Cover Support Pole is a dual purpose support pole and vent. This vented support lifts your boat cover preventing water pool formation and provides airflow to reduce trapped moisture and mildew. After cutting a hole you "sandwich" the cover fabric between the two disc pieces to secure the vent in place and then attach the pole underneath and adjust the height.

  • Supports boat cover and helps prevent mildew
  • Two piece venting system
  • Adjustable height for proper drainage run-off
  • Support Pole extends from 30" to 57"
  • Support pole has rubber foot for secure placement on deck

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Boat Cover Vent + Pole Support System
112812 5007-5 Boat Cover Vent and Support Pole Each 3 Days $75.32
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Review and FAQ Center

Part # 112812

Does this come with a rubber or grommet tip?

Submitted by: Momofmany

Yes, the Westland Boat Cover Vent and Pole Support System comes with a rubber tip that sits on the bottom or deck of the boat and a vented disk that fits a hole you cut in the boat cover and allows air circulation.

Pole tip

Is there a rubber tip on the end of the pole?

Submitted by: Billie

Yes, the Vented Boat Cover Support Pole has a rubber tip on the deck-end of the pole to keep it from slipping and keep it directly under the vented cap to best support the cover and stop water pools from forming. These do work very well.

Boat Cover Vent

Boat Cover Vent + Pole Support System
Part No.:112812

Is this boat cover vent trailerable? Not sure from the description.

Submitted by: Eric

We DO NOT recommend that you trailer with the vent pole in place. The vent itself can be left in the cover but you will want to remove the pole before trailering your boat. If you do not remove the pole you chance ripping the boat cover.


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