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Safe-T-Hauler Electric Pot Pullers / Gear Haulers

Safe-T-Hauler Electric Pot Pullers / Gear Haulers
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$1,848.84 - $2,134.60

Safe-T-Hauler gives you the highest quality pot puller / gear hoist designed for the recreational & light-commercial shrimp, crabber & lobster fisherman. The Safe-T-Hauler works for diving operations such as goeduck or sea cucumber harvesting too. American made gear designed & built to take it! Safe-T-Hauler combines convenient 12V power & a patented rubber bonded sheave with open swivel block to eliminate hazards & dangers inherent in gas powered haulers.

  • Includes Fairlead Roller, Swivel Block and 3-Piece Davit w/ SS Quick-Release Pins
  • Foot Operated Air Solenoid Safe Switch on all models
  • O-ring sealed water resistant electric motor
  • Rugged gear reduction = high pulling power
  • All models use 1/4" to 3/4" line
  • All models feature 3 piece, take apart davits
  • Wire harness & mounting brackets included
  • Strength is Hoist Capacity

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Part No. Mfr No. Description Power-head Hoist Capacity Hoist Speed Unit Leaves Warehouse* List Price
Your Price
Safe-T-Hauler Sports Model Hauler STH1100
116747 STH-1100CU Sports Model Safe-T-Hauler 1.1 HP 12 Volt DC, 15-40 Amp Up to 100 lbs 90-100 FPM Each In-Stock: 1 Day
On Sale
Pacific Sports Model Pot Hauler, 150lb/68kg
478128 STH-1300CU Pacific Sports Model Safe-T-Hauler 1.3 HP 12 Volt DC, 20-40 Amp Up to 150 lbs 110-120 FPM Each 5 Days
Alaskan Sports Model Hauler STH1600
161576 STH-1600CU Alaska Sports Model - Safe-T-Hauler 1.6 HP 12 Volt DC, 20-60 Amp Up to 200 lbs 100-110 FPM Each 1 Month
Safe-T-Hauler Light Commercial Model Hauler STH2100
115220 STH-2100CU Light Commercial Model - Safe-T-Hauler 2.1 HP 12 Volt DC, 30-80 Amp Up to 300 lbs 110-120 FPM Each 5 Days
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Additional Description
Quality Products Northwest's Safe-T-Hauler has a patented Self Grip sheave design that is the ultimate in safety & simplicity. This sheave eliminates threading lines through complicated idler wheels & pulleys. You simply lay the line in the Self Grip safety sheave, around a roller & are ready to pull! A slight downward pull seats the line between the rubber lined sheaves & pot pulling is nearly hands free. The safe-T-hauler simplifies pot-hauling operations & provides a degree of safety not available with any other pot hauler.

Review and FAQ Center

How do I install my Safe T Hauler on my boat?

I recently aquired a Safe T Hauler at a garage sale. New, unused, no instructions.How do I know if it is right or left hand? And can it be wired to rotate either direction? If the need arises? It is complete with davit,sheave,and mounting equipment. Wiring diagram? I need the air bellows foot switch and the air activated electrical switch, I have the 4 pole solenoid.

Submitted by: Tomco

The picture above is a right hand model.

You can purchase Safe-T-Puller and Safe-T-Hauler Electrical Parts for your unit.

You can easily install your unit with The Safe-T-Hauler Instructions which includes a wiring diagram will help you with installation.

There are wonderful Pictures to help with installation and use.

Hands free?

In the description it states that its nearly hands free. Once the line is laid on and wrapped around the roller, do you have to keep slight hand held tension to keep the pot coming up, or is it completely hands free?

Submitted by: Doonie

It honestly depends on the load - a heavier load will require some hand pressure.

Does the hauler come with a breaker if so is it water resistant ?

does the safty hauler 300lb size come with a breaker and right size gauge wire to battery ?if so is the breaker water resistant ?

Submitted by: justin

It does not include wire ’to the battery’ because there is no fixed distance to estimate. You would need to wire it up. It does contain 12’ of wire.

It does come with a 40 amp breaker - that fits right on the positive battery terminal.

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