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Drakkar Viking Ship - Wooden Model Ship With Sail, 25" Long

Drakkar Viking Ship - Wooden Model Ship With Sail, 25" Long
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Drakkar Viking Ship - Wooden Model Ship With Sail, 25" Long. Individually built, completely assembled, handcrafted model of the Drakkar Viking Ship.

Drake or Dragon Boat is the name of the Scandinavian longboats (the dragon head, usually the ornament of the bow), sailing between 800 AD - 1050 AD. Made of oak boards laid up in clinker design.

  • Hand Built, Fully Assembled museum quality model with Display Stand
  • Measures 25" in length, 25-1/2" in height and 8" wide
  • Beautifully constructed of exotic woods such as ebony, rosewood, yellow and red cedar, mahogany, teak, black wood, walnut, cherry, birch and maple and other tropical woods
  • Researched and completely built from scratch, one at a time, in scale to the original plans
  • 100% hand built from scratch using "plank on frame" construction method, gluing together multiple pieces of dry, thin wood
  • Finely painted and varnished finishes
  • Fabric sails with intricate line rigging
  • Metal parts and details that are bronzed, gold tone or chrome plated or painted
  • With these artistic assemblies, there will be minor differences in appearance

Each model ship or boat is individually packed in a carton box. Sailboats and sailing ships with simpler detail are packed with masts folded down, ready to display after simple, easy assembly.

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Drakkar Viking Ship - Wooden Model Ship With Sail, 25"L
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Additional Description
Nothing is as symbolic of the Vikings as the longship or drakkar. Also called a dragon ship by its enemies, the drakkar was really a warship designed to carry fearless Viking warriors on their raids across Europe.

Today we have a quite clear impression of what a viking ship really is. But the vikings themselves never used the term "viking ship" about their ships. "Viking ship" is a modern term used about a whole group of different ship classes which were used in Scandinavia in the viking age (800 AD - 1050 AD) and in the next couple of centuries. We often associate the term with elegant longships with dragonheads and upright sterns and stems, and a rig with a broad square sail. Actually only a few ships were equipped with dragonheads, as they should mark the status and rank of the viking kings. The majority of the ships were more modestly decorated, optimized for sailing abilities, strength, speed and cargo capacity needed for the purpose.

The average length of a longship was 80 feet. The largest ever excavated was over 220 feet long. Its sixty oarsmen could swiftly deliver as many as four hundred warriors to a battlefield along the coast or well inland via a river. Like most large drakkars, they were owned by a powerful king. In the last days of the Viking Age, three hundred of these longships were in the Viking fleet.

Vikings ships were rarely at the mercy of their enemies. The ships were more maneuverable, better equipped and superiorly built. They could navigate in water less than a three feet deep. In shallow water, the warriors would move to one side of the ship to tilt it so it would pass over rocks and shoals. The longships' tapered bows and sterns enabled the Vikings to row the ships forwards and backwards without first having to turn the ships around.

The deck of a longship was completely planked over. There were no sleeping quarters below deck. Crewmen and warriors stored their personal belongings in chests on the deck. The oarsmen sat on these chests when rowing.

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