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Bimini Top Frames, No Fabric, by Taylor Made

Mfr. Taylor Made

Bimini Top Frames, No Fabric, by Taylor Made

Bimini Top Frames sold without fabric let boaters put together a complete bimini for their boat or replace a damaged frame. Frames, fabric covers and storage boots sold separately so boaters select the pieces they want to build the perfect bimini for their boat.

Putting together a complete bimini is easy as:

  1. Select the frame for your bimini by Height, Length and Width
  2. Choose the desired fabric in the size to fit the frame
  3. Select a storage boot to fit if desired
  • How to Measure for Your Bimini Frame
  • Bimini fabric & boot not included
  • 4' and 6' long bimini frames use 3 bow
  • 8' long bimini frames use 4 bows
  • 56" high frames are for Pontoon boats and use square tubes
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$168.78 - $558.22

Additional Description
How to Measure for a Taylor Made Bimini Top

Note: The standing or overall height of the bimini equals the height from the boat deck where you stand to the lowest bimini mounting point plus the height of the bimini itself.

  1. Choose the bimini height
    1. Decide how high you want your bimini top to be
    2. Determine where you will mount the bimini on your boat
    3. Measure the height from the boat deck (where you stand) to the lowest bimini mounting point
    4. Add this mounting height measurement to the available bimini heights to get the overall bimini height
    5. Select the bimini height that meets your desired overall height
  2. Choose the bimini length
    1. Decide how much area you wish to shade on your boat
    2. Select from the available bimini lengths
  3. Choose the bimini width
    1. Measure the distance from the selected bimini mounting point on one side of your boat to the same location on the other side of your boat (this may not be the same as the beam or width of the boat)
    2. Select an appropriate bimini width range that includes your width
    3. Choose from the available Taylor Made Products' Bimini fabrics and colors in the bimini size that meets your desires
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Review and FAQ Center


Hello, do you have a catalog? I own canvas business and always looking for Bimini frames only, thanks!!

Submitted by: Ed Hill

Sorry, our catalog is online. However, we sella variety of bimini frames including pontoon frames

bimmi square frame

Can I cut 12" off height



Submitted by: rod

Hello Rod,

No. You cannot cut down the frame poles because this will make the bimini fabric not fit correctly as the poles will not fan out far enough to stretch the fabric.

If you can find a location on your boat that is 12" lower to mount the bimini frame on you can get the same effect.

You will want to make sure the frame would not be in the way or interfere with anything on your boat of course.

Depending on where you would want or need to mount your bimini frame we have a good selection of bimini mounting hardware.


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