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Trident Marine "Viking Cylinders" - Fiberglass Propane Tanks

Trident Marine "Viking Cylinders" - Fiberglass Propane Tanks
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Viking Fiberglass Propane Tanks. Just what recreational and commercial boaters need to end unsightly and dangerous rust and corrosion in their propane lockers.

  • High strength, composite LPG cylinders are light weight and maintenance free
  • Special fiberglass construction allows you a clear view of the level of propane in the cylinder
  • Manufactured to D.O.T. and T.C specifications
  • OPD, new Type 1 valve
  • Dimensions are approximate

Part No. Mfr No. Tank Size / Propane Capacity Overall Length Diameter Tare Weight Unit Leaves Warehouse* List Price
Your Price
Viking, Composite Propane Cylinder, Vertical 11 Pound, 1420-0011
268202 1420-0011 5.0 kg / 11.0 lbs (approx 3 gallons) 384 mm / 15.24" 306 mm / 12.0" 8.6 lbs
Not Currently Available
Viking, Composite Propane Cylinder, Vertical 17 Pound, 14200017
268203 14200017 7.7 kg / 17.0 lbs (approx 5 gallons) 460 mm / 18.1" 306 mm / 12.0" 10.3 lbs Each In-Stock: 1 Day $148.27
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Additional Description
Built with safety in mind, this is the only cylinder to be engineered with an internal bladder incased in fiberglass, proving to be the safest cylinder on the market. This is all finished with an ergonomic outer casing with a touch of class. This transparent composite cylinder has some amazing advantages over traditional cylinders. The gas level is visible thanks to the special see-through construction and when empty, weighs about 50% less than typical steel cylinders. The cylinders are suited to all kinds of use, from boating, camping and picnicking to barbecues and patio heaters, as well as normal domestic uses such as cookers and stoves. Easily portable and attractively designed, these are the LPG cylinders of the 21st century.

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5 stars Overall Rating: 5 stars out of 5
Viking Propane tank

Terrific customer service. I would use these folks again!!

Submitted by: ECL
Delivery Question

I would like to order two Viking composite Propane Cylinder, Vertical 17 Pound, part #14200017…
Can you tell me if you can send them to me very quickly (within a week) and what would be the cost?
Thank you in advance

Submitted by: Marc DAO

We can ship right away to anywhere in the world. Please let us know where you would like the propane tank shipped, and we can provide a shipping cost for you.

5 stars Overall Rating: 5 stars out of 5
Replacing all my tanks with Ragasco!

I absolutely LOVE my Ragasco propane cyclinder. Everyone inquires about it when I am camping or filling it. I really like how it stays upright in the back of my pickup, is lightweight, easy to lift and SAFE! As a fireman, I have seen what a steel propane cylinder can do when they explode. Having a SAFE propane tank is such a good feeling.

Submitted by: Glenn S.
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