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Lighthouse, Model 3002 Stainless Steel Anchor Windlass, DC, AC, or Hydraulic Powered

Mfr. Lighthouse Anchor Windlass Manufacturing

Lighthouse, Model 3002 Stainless Steel Anchor Windlass, DC, AC, or Hydraulic Powered
Lighthouse, Stainless Steel Anchor Windlass, Model 3002, available in 12V, 24V, 32V, 110/220VAC, or Hydraulic Powered. These traditional style windlasses are ideal for 50 ft to 130 ft boats. Lighthouse anchor windlasses are made in the USA and feature corrosion resistant stainless steel construction which will not corrode away like aluminum winches or rust like steel units. No chrome plating to peel off like others made of brass. Can be tailed just like any sheet winch.

DIFFERENT CHAIN GYPSY/CAPSTAN OPTIONS AVAILABLE. Shown in photo is the WGS configuration, with port chain gypsy and starboard capstan. Also listed here is the WDG configuration, with double chain gypsy/capstan port and starboard.

If you would like help choosing the right anchor winch for your boat, please feel free to give us a call.

ALL 3002 MODELS COME COMPLETE WITH: Submariner Reversing Circuit, Deck Switch, Chain Stripper.


    • Motor: Continuous duty, Ball Bearing, Reversible, with DC braking
    • Power Consumption: 12 volt
      free run & reverse = 8 amp
      rated pull = 80 amp
      maximum pull = 310 amp
    • Power Consumption: 24 volt
      free run & reverse = 4 amp
      rated pull = 40 amp
      maximum pull = 185 amp

    Housed in a self-extinguishing, water resistant, fiberglass enclosure are two (2) 400 amp magnetic relays that provide for motor reversing. A multi-function, twist lock plug wiring harness connects the remote control console which controls up and down chain function. OPTIONAL counter automatically counts chain in a bi-directional manner in both power and manual modes. Counts chain in feet or meters on the LCD readout. The count functions operate independently of ships power.

    Constructed from 316 stainless steel sealed case, lifetime lithium lubrication, the gear housing sits on an elevated base which can be unbolted from the housing.

    2" 17-4 hardened stainless steel.

    Below deck motor: Requires only 2" hole in deck. Mounts with (8) ½" stainless bolts.

    • Lift at 12 volts: Continuous 2000 lbs. @ 37 fpm
    • Maximum: Depends on power supply
    • Rope size: up to 1"
    • Chain size: 1/2" through 5/8" (3/8" and others available on request)

    WEIGHT: 300 pounds

    DIMENSIONS: 13" H x 20" L x 31" W.

    Unit will accept up to 4-1/2" deck thickness as standard. Custom motor shaft extensions up to 48" available.

    Custom combinations of rope and chain size available.
    Available Options: Remote controls, hand held or cockpit mounted, motor drive shaft extensions.

    Windlasses are rated at continuous duty, not maximum pull as with most other winch manufacturers.

    When powering out chain, it cannot pull chain out of the locker and therefore cannot damage the deck, hawse pipes or winch. It only allows chain to fall at a controlled speed.


Additional Description
The only winch to use urethane clutch materials, the Lighthouse windlasses allow the gradual take up of friction plates and can provide controlled slip rates, unlike others that are either on or off. Clutches should last indefinitely and are impervious to salt water and are protected from sunlight. Installation of the Lighthouse windlass is the simplest of any on the market. The Lighthouse windlass does not require deck blocking like most vertical winches. Therefore, it is not subject to failure due to overhung, unsupported loads associated with vertical winches. The Lighthouse windlass can be mounted flat to the deck in most cases and does not need the spacers and pads usually required for aligning vertical winches to the bow rollers.
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